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List Hot Cue - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

Djs user manual
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Table of Contents
Other Functions
Play List
Track List Pop-up Button
Switch Play List Display
</> Buttons
Clear All Button
Display Play List
• The display of song information is the same as the track list.
List Player
Sample Playing Address
Sample Song Play/
Pause Button (A/4)
Sample Song Stop
Button (3)
Sample Song Search
Button (8/9)
Sample Song
Headphone Cue Button
Sample Song Monitor
Output Level
Sample Song Monitor
Output Level +/- Button
Information Display of Players in the List
Display Loop
Display Reloop
Time Normal Button
Time Remain Button
Time Display
Master Tempo Display

List Hot Cue

Display Hot CUE List
DJS Ver. 1.600
Toggles between Display & Do Not Display the track list.
Enlarges or shrinks the width of the play list display.
Clears all the songs recorded in the play list.
Displays numbers for the order of songs in the play list.
During Sample Playing: Moves the playback point to the selected point.
While Sample Song is Paused: Moves the paused point to the selected point.
With Sample Stopped/Paused: Starts playing.
While Playing Sample: Pauses
With Sample Song Playing/Paused: Ends sampling and removes song from player.
Rewinds or fast forwards as long as you click or operate the key. Once you release the
click or the key, it returns to what it had been doing (play, paused).
Toggles the list player's headphone volume ON or OFF.
Adjust the monitor output level to the position it is dragged to. If you right click, it
becomes positioned in the middle of its range.
Increases & decreases the monitor output level.
Lights up the loop being played.
This indicator flashes during loop playback and when in re-loop standby mode.
Switches to elapsed time in the time display. (Lights up orange during settings)
Switches to time remaining in the time display. (Lights up orange during settings)
Displays the time of the song registered on the player.
Displays the status of the Master Tempo function.
Displays the hot cue list.
Table of Functions
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Table of Contents

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