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Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual page 33

Djs user manual
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Mixing Songs
When the BPM (speed) is not Synchronized
When it is difficult to synchronize the beats with the auto-
detected BPM, use the [TAP] button to find the BPM.
Using the [TAP] button to Re-detect the BPM
1. Put the song you want to find the BPM of on a player and play
2. While listening to the song, click the [TAP] button to
synchronize the beat.
3. The BPM is found by using the interval between clicks as a
basis and then displayed.
It takes practice to get good at mixing songs smoothly. At first,
mix songs by using the [AUTO MIX] button and auto functions,
so you can gradually learn while enjoying DJing.
Using the Channel Fader to Mix Songs
Leaving the [Cross Fader] in its central position, adjust the
volume of each player's [Channel Fader] and change the song
that outputs sound.
[Auto Fader]
[Channel Fader]
Mixing Songs Manually
Repositioning the [Cross
Fader] to the Middle of the
If you right click on the [Cross Fader],
it will be instantaneously repositioned
in the middle of the range.
Having the [Channel Fader]
move automatically
Click the [Auto Fader] button on the
right side of the [Channel Fader].
Adjusting the [Auto Fader]
Sets the amount of time (beats) it takes
the [Channel Fader] to move when the
[Auto Fader] button is pressed.
1. Right click the [Auto Fader] button.
2. Click the time (beats) to set it.
DJS Ver. 1.600


Table of Contents

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