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Erasing A Recorded List Hot Cue - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

Djs user manual
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Table of Contents
Playing Sound
Recording a Cue Point:
During playback or when sound output is paused,
click the [List Hot CUE] button at the point you wish
to set a cue.
Recording up a loop:
Click a [List Hot CUE] button during looping playback.
• The [List Hot CUE] button you click will flash red for
about 2 seconds.
Click the [Record] button.
• Finishes the List Hot Cue record mode.
Waveform Display Symbols (List Hot Cue Tags)
When you set a List Hot Cue, a List Hot Cue tag is displayed in
the waveform display.
1 Cue point of List Hot Cue A
2 Loop In point of List Hot Cue A
3 Loop Out point of List Hot Cue A

Erasing a recorded List Hot Cue

1. Click the List Hot Cue to be erased in the Hot Cue list.
2. Right click and click on [Clear List Hot CUE].
'Hot Cue List' P.50
DJS Ver. 1.600
Setting up to 8 Points to Start Playing (List Hot Cue)
[List Hot CUE] Buttons
You can save either cue points or loops.
Copying Information of a
[Track Hot CUE] button to a
List Hot Cue
Drag a Track Hot Cue (1 to 4) displayed
in the play list and drop it in a Hot Cue
Editing List Hot Cues
You can edit list hot cue (loop) points in
the hot cue list by entering a number.
'3-4-2 Playing from a List Hot Cue
Point' P.49
Display of Recorded List Hot
'Display of Cues and Loops' P.49


Table of Contents

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