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Mixing Adjustment - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

Djs user manual
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Table of Contents
Mixing Songs
Switching between Stereo & Mono Split:
Click either the [STEREO] or [MONO SPLIT] button and
select the 'monitoring by headphones' method.

Mixing Adjustment:

If you turn the dial to the left to [CUE], the volume of sources
selected with headphone cue, other than master, increases,
whereas if you turn it to the right to [MASTER], the volume of
the Master output increases.
If you right click on the dial, it returns to the middle position
between [CUE] and [MASTER].
Using the [CUE] button
If you click the [CUE] button, it will work as follows, depending
on the circumstances when you clicked it.
When Paused:
That position is registered for the [CUE] button and it changes
to Cue Standby.
When in Cue Standby:
As long as you push and hold the button, it continues to play
from the cue position. Once you release the button, it returns to
the cue position and goes to cue standby.
During Playback:
It returns to the cue position and stands by.
* Registered cue position information is retained until either a
new cue position is set, or the [DJ Play] screen is closed.
DJS Ver. 1.600
Using the Auto Function to Mix Songs
With [STEREO] Selected
If you click [STEREO], the source
selected with [Headphone Cue] can be
monitored in stereo.
With [MONO SPLIT] Selected
If you click [MONO SPLIT], the output
to the headphones becomes monaural
and you can monitor the audio of the
source selected with [Headphone Cue]
(not master) on the left and the master
audio on the right.
When Cues have been Set
The Loop In button blinks 3 times and
then stays lit. (A cue point and a loop in
point are the same)
A Cue is overwritten when...
(a) When a new cue is set
(b) When Auto Cue is ON and you put
on another song
(c) When Auto Cue is on and you return
to the beginning of a song with track
(d) When a new loop is set up
(e) When a One Track Loop is set up
(f) When you move to any function
other than DJ Play
(g) When a track is put on that has an
Auto Setup Cue set to it or when it
jumps to the beginning of the song
via track searching of a track that
has an Auto Setup Cue set
Saving Set Cues
The Track Hot Cue function allows you to
register up to 4 cues per song.
'4-1 Setting up to 4 Points to Start
Playing (Track Hot Cue)' P.57


Table of Contents

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