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Using The Auto Mix Function For Mixing Songs - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

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Table of Contents
Useful Functions
Using the Auto Mix Function for
Mixing Songs
If you use the Auto Mix function, you can automatically synchronize
the beat with the BPM and mix the songs using just 1 button.
Following is an explanation of how to use the Auto Mix function to
mix songs from player A with those of player B.
Select the songs you wish to mix from the track
list and drag and drop them on players A & B.
• The songs will start playing on their respective players.
• The songs in the track list will change to the color of their
player (A: Green, B: Blue).
• Song information is displayed in the information display.
Drag the slider of the [Cross Fader] all the way to
the left.
• Only the sound from player A is output from the speakers.
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Using the Auto Mix Function for Mixing Songs

About the Cross Fader
The output sound can be switched back
and forth by changing the position of the
cross fader.
Far left:
only player A can be heard.
Far right:
only player B can be heard.
Other positions:
some combination of player A and player
B can be heard.
If you right click on the [Cross Fader], it
will be instantaneously repositioned in the
middle of the range.
DJS Ver. 1.600


Table of Contents

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