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Buffer Size; Adjusting The Size Of Buffers - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

Djs user manual
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Table of Contents
Changing the Settings to Make DJS More Convenient

Adjusting the Size of Buffers

Buffer size is a setting that is made to prevent any interruption to the
audio stream.
If you experience an interruption to the audio, follow the steps below
to increase the size of the buffer.

Buffer Size

In the interest of preventing the audio from being interrupted,
especially when your computer is doing a lot of processing, DJS
gathers together the audio data and sends it to a place called a
buffer, where it is saved. While this audio data is being saved to
the buffer, there will be a lag in the audio.
If you are not experiencing any interruptions to the audio stream,
can you can reduce the size of the buffer, which will reduce the
lag in the audio.
Click either [C] or [D] for the [Buffer Size].
Mixer and Sound Card Settings
If the audio is interrupted
You can eliminate interruptions to the
audio by reducing the load on your
computer. You can reduce the load on
your computer in the following ways.
(a) Turn OFF the waveform display.
'9-3 Setting the Layout of DJ
Play Functions' P.98
(b) Bypass the equalizer & effector.
'3-1-1 Making Changes' P.35
'3-2-2 Adding Effects' P.41
Default Settings when
At installation it is set to 4 frames.
(1 frame = 512 samples)
Adjustable Range
Can be adjusted from between 2 to 18
If output is to a Direct X compatible
sound card, adjust the buffer size so it is
slightly larger than when outputting to
an ASIO compatible sound card.
DJS Ver. 1.600


Table of Contents

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