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Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual page 27

Djs user manual
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Table of Contents
Mixing Songs
When the BPM (speed) is not Synchronized
'Using the [TAP] button to Re-detect the BPM' P.33
Adjusting discrepancies in the [Beat Indicator]
If the display of the [Beat Indicator] gets out of sync with the
actual beat, use the [Beat Adjust] button to redisplay it.
The circle on the left side of the [Beat Indicator] has the function
of displaying the starting beat and acts as the [Beat Adjust]
Operating the [Beat Adjust] Button
If you click the [Beat Adjust] button, the timing with which you
click it is re-displayed in the [Beat Indicator] as the starting beat.
[Headphone Monitor Control]
Make headphone settings on the Mixer and [HEADPHONES]
The [HEADPHONES] screen is displayed by right clicking the
[Headphone Monitor Control] on the upper edge of the Mixer.
The Mixer
Selecting the Source to Monitor on your Headphones:
Click the headphone cue on each of the sources, players,
master, or effector and it will light up.
Adjusting the Volume:
Drag the slider of the [Headphone Volume Level] to adjust the
volume. Turn the dial to the left [-] to decrease the volume and
turn it to the right [+] to increase the volume.
(Contd. on the next page)
Using the Auto Function to Mix Songs
DJS Ver. 1.600


Table of Contents

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