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Pioneer DDJ-SZ Operating Instructions Manual

Dj controller
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DJ controller
The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of
information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort.
For the latest version of the Serato DJ software, access and download the software from there.

Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for Pioneer DDJ-SZ

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    DJ controller DDJ-SZ The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort. For the latest version of the Serato DJ software, access and download the software from there.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Downloading the Serato DJ software manual (p. 34 ). ! The latest version of these operating instructions can be downloaded from the Pioneer support site. For details, see Downloading the latest version of these operating instructions (p. 34 ).
  • Page 3: Before Start

    Level meters are located near the master unit and the operation interface of each channel, so that input and output levels can be understood instantly. This unit retains the control panel layout of the Pioneer DJM series, the world stan- HIGH SOUND QUALITY dard in DJ mixers.
  • Page 4: What's In The Box

    For the latest information on the required operating environment and compatibility as well 15 Click the link in the e-mail message sent from “”. as to acquire the latest operating system, refer to “Software Info” under “DDJ-SZ” on the This takes you to the Serato DJ download page. Proceed to step 17.
  • Page 5 14 “An internet environment is required to access the site. Connected to the internet?” is displayed. Click [Yes]. The web browser is launched and the Pioneer DJ support site is displayed. 15 Click [Software Info] under [DDJ-SZ] on the Pioneer DJ support site.
  • Page 6: Names Of Parts

    Connections and part names Connections ! Connect the power cord after all the connections between devices have been completed. Be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the power outlet whenever making or changing connections. Refer to the operating instructions for the component to be connected.
  • Page 7: Connecting Input Terminals

    Connecting the input/output terminals  Connecting input terminals Rear panel DJ player DJ player DJ player Portable audio Analog player device AUDIO OUT CONT To power outlet Power cord (included) Portable audio Microphone Microphone Computer Analog player device DJ player  Connecting output terminals Rear panel Front panel...
  • Page 8: Part Names And Functions

    Deck section Part names and functions This section is used to control the four decks. The buttons and controls for operating decks 1 and 3 are located on the left side of the controller, those for operating decks 2 and 4 are located on the right side of the controller. 1 Browser section 2 Deck section 3 Mixer section...
  • Page 9 7 Takeover indicator f HOT CUE mode button When decks are switched while the sync function is off, the position of the Press: controller’s [TEMPO] slider may not match the software’s tempo (pitch). To Sets the hot cue mode. regain control of the tempo from the controller, adjust using the [TAKEOVER] = Using hot cues (p.
  • Page 10: Mixer Section

    p DECK 1 button Mixer section The deck on the right side has a [DECK 2] button. Switches the deck to be operated. q GRID SLIDE button Press: When the jog dial is turned while pressing the [GRID SLIDE] button, the overall beat grid can be slid to the left or right.
  • Page 11: Effect Section

    a OSCILLATOR SELECT buttons v Channel fader Generates oscillator sound (NOISE, CYMBAL, SIREN, and HORN). Move: = Using the oscillator function (p. 21 ) Adjusts the level of audio signals output in each channel. b OSCILLATOR VOLUME control [SHIFT] + move: Adjusts the sound level of oscillator sound.
  • Page 12: Jog Dial Display Section

    Front panel 1 PHONES jacks 2 CROSS FADER CURVE selector switch This switches the crossfader curve characteristics. ! The further the control is turned clockwise, the sharper the curve rises. ! The further the control is turned counterclockwise, the more gradually the curve rises.
  • Page 13: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Connections 6 Press the [u] switch on this unit’s rear panel to turn this unit’s power on. 1 Connect headphones to one of the [PHONES] terminals. Turn on the power of this unit. ! For Windows users The message [Installing device driver software] may appear when this unit is first connected to the computer or when it is connected to a different USB port 2 Connect powered speakers, a power amplifier, on the computer.
  • Page 14: Starting The System

    1 The [BUY/ACTIVATE] icon may appear on the right side of the screen that is displayed when Serato DJ is launched the first time, but there is no need to activate or pur- chase a license for those using DDJ-SZ.
  • Page 15: Importing Tracks

    Importing tracks The following describes the typical procedure for importing tracks. ! There are various ways to import tracks with the Serato DJ software. For details, see the Serato DJ software manual. ! If you are already using Serato DJ software (Scratch Live, ITCH or Serato DJ Intro) and have already created track libraries, the track libraries you have previously created can be used as such.
  • Page 16: Quitting The System

    1 Set the positions of the controls, etc., as shown below. Playing tracks and outputting the sound Names of controls, etc. Position The following describes the procedure for outputting the channel 1 sound as an MASTER LEVEL control Turned fully counterclockwise example.
  • Page 17: Advanced Operation

    Advanced Operation The descriptions from this point on are for functions not described in the Serato 3 Press and hold one of the performance pads. DJ software manual that are specifically for when this unit and Serato DJ are used A loop roll with the number of beats assigned to the pad that was pressed is played.
  • Page 18: Using The Sampler Function

     About slicer mode and slicer loop mode 3 During loop playback, press the [PARAMETERc] button. The loop length is cut in half. Pressing the [LOOP 1/2X] button obtains the same effect. Slicer mode When the playback position advances to the end of the range that has been sliced 4 During loop playback, press the [PARAMETERd] button.
  • Page 19: Using The Fader Start Function

    Slip hot cue Using the fader start function ! When the DVS system is used, the fader start function cannot be used if Serato 1 Press the [HOT CUE] mode button. DJ is set to [ABS] mode. Set the hot cue mode. 2 Set the hot cue.
  • Page 20: Adjusting The Crossfader's Operating Load

    2 Press the [FX1] button or [FX2] button of channel 1 to select Adjusting the crossfader’s operating load the effect unit to assign. The load (resistance) when the crossfader is operated can be adjusted using a flathead screwdriver. ! You can adjust the play (cut lag) on both edges of the crossfader. For details, see Adjusting the crossfader cut lag on page 26 .
  • Page 21: Using The Sound Color Fx Function

    Operating in the single FX mode Switching the effect’s tempo mode With Serato DJ effects, there are two ways to set the effect’s tempo: with the “auto 1 Press the [TAP] button while pressing the [SHIFT] button to tempo mode” and the “manual tempo mode”. switch Serato DJ’s DJ-FX mode to the single FX mode.
  • Page 22: Types Of Effects

    Mixer section Types of effects Types of SOUND COLOR FX effects Effect Name Descriptions [COLOR] control Counterclockwise: The delay time Applies an echo effect, with the of echo sound gradually becomes sound delayed slightly after the ECHO longer. original sound output several Clockwise: The delay time of echo times and gradually attenuated.
  • Page 23: Using A Microphone

    Using a microphone 1 Connect a microphone to the [MIC1] or [MIC2] terminal. 2 Set the [OFF, ON, TALK OVER] selector switch to [ON] or [TALK OVER]. — [ON]: The indicator lights. — [TALK OVER]: The indicator flashes. ! When set to [TALK OVER], the sound of channels other than the [MIC1] channel is attenuated by 18 dB (default) when a sound of –10 dB or greater is input to the microphone.
  • Page 24: Changing The Settings

    Changing the settings Launching utilities mode Changing the fader start setting The fader start function’s setting can be changed. If the utilities mode is launched while the DJ application is running, the set status ! By default, the fader start mode functions without the sync mode set. may not be displayed properly.
  • Page 25 Changing the sampler velocity mode’s velocity Adjusting the jog dial’s MIDI message sending curve setting interval Use the procedure below to set the sampler velocity mode’s velocity curve. You can This unit is equipped with a mode for adjusting the jog dial’s MIDI message sending choose one of four types of velocity curves.
  • Page 26: About The Setting Utility Software

    ! [GRID SLIDE] button off: Normal talk over mode For Windows Changing the talk over function level Click [Start] menu > [All Programs] > [Pioneer] > [DDJ-SZ] > [DDJ-SZ Settings Utility]. Sets the talk over function’s sound attenuation level. ! By default, the level is set to -18 dB.
  • Page 27 ! If the buffer size is made large, drops in audio data (breaks in the sound) occur 2 Click the [DDJ-SZ Audio Output] pull-down menu. less easily, but the time lag due to the delay in the transfer of the audio data Select and set the audio data to be output to the computer from the flow of audio (latency) increases.
  • Page 28: Using The Dvs System

    Using the DVS system This unit allows you to use the Serato DJ software and control disc (sold separately) to operate digital music files using a familiar analog player (turntable) or DJ player. 1 A special CD and record containing the signals necessary for operating digital music files. Before controlling the Serato DJ software About input channels The signals played on the Serato DJ software’s decks [DECK1] to [DECK4] are input...
  • Page 29: Controlling The Serato Dj Software

    5 Set the control vinyls on the analog players. When using DJ players only 6 Switch the DDJ-SZ’s input. Switch the input selector switches for channels [CH1] – [CH4] to [USB]. This section explains the setting method used when operating [DECK1] to [DECK4] of the Serato DJ software with a DJ player.
  • Page 30 Switch the input selector switches for channels [CH1] – [CH4] to [USB]. For details, see the Serato DJ software manual. The Serato DJ software manual can be downloaded from the Pioneer DJ support site below. See [Software Info] under [DDJ-SZ].
  • Page 31: Playing Tracks

    This unit and the Serato DJ software include a variety of functions enabling individu- alistic DJ performances. For details on the respective functions, see the Serato DJ Loop out software manual. ! The Serato DJ software manual can be downloaded from the Pioneer DJ support PLAY/CUE function site below. Play/Pause See [Software Info] under [DDJ-SZ].
  • Page 32: Additional Information

    Sometimes the problem may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the problem cannot be rectified, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. ! This unit may not operate properly due to static electricity or other external influences. In this case, proper operation may be restored by turning the power off, waiting 1 minute, then turning the power back on.
  • Page 33: Signal Flow

    Problem Check Remedy The fader start function does not work. Is a cue set? Set a cue. (page 19 ) Is the setting in the utilities mode wrong? In utilities mode, set the fader start setting to “Fader start with the sync mode set” or “Fader start without the sync mode set”.
  • Page 34: Acquiring The Manual

    You have notified Pioneer in writing of Your intended activities. page, click “Serato DJ x.x.x Manual”. 3 Ownership. Pioneer or its licensor retains all right, title and interest in and to all patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property Downloading of the Serato DJ software manual starts.
  • Page 35: About Trademarks And Registered Trademarks

    In addition sibility of the person who has downloaded the music to ensure that it is used in to damages and any other remedies to which Pioneer may be entitled, You agree accordance with the contract concluded with the download site.