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Deleting Track Hot Cues - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

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Table of Contents
Useful Functions

Deleting Track Hot Cues

1. Display a [Cue Mark] in either the track list or the play list.
2. Right click above the [Cue Mark] and click [Clear Track
Hot CUE].
Display of Cues and Loops
[●] (Filled in):
A cue point has been set.
[〇] (Only the outer ring is colored):
A loop has been set.
Waveform Display Symbols (Track Hot Cue Tags)
When you set a Track Hot Cue, a Track Hot Cue tag is displayed
in the waveform display.
1. Indicates the cue point for Track Hot CUE 1.
2. Indicates the loop in point for Track Hot CUE 2.
3. Indicates the loop out point for Track Hot CUE 2.
Fine Tuning the Stop Position
1. Play a song and pause it approximately where sound
starts to play.
2. Use the [8] / [9] buttons or the jog dial to fine tune the
position. You can make adjustments in increments of 1
frame (1/75 of a second).
Setting up to 4 Points to Start Playing (Track Hot Cue)
Copying Information of a
[Track Hot CUE] button to a
List Hot Cue
'3-4-1 Determining List Hot Cue
Points' P.47
DJS Ver. 1.600


Table of Contents

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