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Allocating The Dmp-555 To A Player - Pioneer SVJ-DL01D Pro DJ Software Manual

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Table of Contents
Useful Functions

Allocating the DMP-555 to a Player

You can assign a DMP-555 in place of a Player, A or B, of the DJ
Play function.
Use the DMP-555's Source Select Button ([CD] or [Card]) to
assign the player.
Press the DMP-555's Source Select button ([CD]
or [Card]).
• To assign it to Player A: Press [CD].
• To assign it to Player B: Press [Card].
When 2 DMP-555s are Connected
When two DMP-555s are connected, they are automatically
assigned to Player A and Player B.
Player A:
The DMP-555 whose Source Select button [CD] is lit.
Player B:
The DMP-555 whose Source Select button [Card] is lit.
* If you wish to reverse the settings, press on one of the
DMP-555's Source Select button ([CD] or [Card]). The
other DMP-555 will change automatically.
Working with DMP-555s.
• When you operate the DMP-555 via controls such as the
jog dial, the tempo adjustment slider, the play/pause
button, etc., the corresponding Player will respond.
Operations used with DMP-555
When a 2nd DMP-555 is
connected using the Create
or Transfer function
The first DMP-555 detected becomes
the controller and the Source Select
Button ([CD] or [Card]) goes off.
The other DMP-555 can be used as a
stand alone digital media player.
DJS Ver. 1.600


Table of Contents

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