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Device Configuration
The configuration of a programming device contains information on the hardware
and options of the device, such as memory configuration, drive types, monitor,
network address etc. The data are stored in a configuration file and enable the
operating system to load the correct device drivers and assign the correct device
If changes are made to the hardware configuration, the user can change entries in
the configuration file using the SETUP program.
dual inline memory module. A type of memory board composed of RAM chips
mounted on a circuit board, similar to the more commonly used SIMM (Single
Inline Memory Module). DIMMs are characterized by a 64–bit data path and pins
(connectors) on each side that are on different circuits and that respond to different
signals. SIMMs, in contrast, have a 32-bit data path, and their connectors are on
the same circuit and respond to the same signal. While SIMMs must be added in
pairs, DIMMs can be added to a computer one at a time.
The diskette (floppy disk) is an external direct access memory on which all types of
files and programs can be stored. The storage medium is a round magnetic disk in
a plastic cover to protect it from getting scratched.
Disk Drive
The disk drive (floppy disk drive) is used to store programs and data on diskette
(write access) or to load from diskette to the computer (read access).
The monitor of the PG 740 PII.
Pressing and releasing the left mouse button very quickly twice in succession
without moving the mouse. This action is normally to open an object or program.
Drives are used to hold rotating storage media (diskettes, hard disk, CDs).
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