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Introduction - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-F FX5 User Manual

Simple motion module.
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Thank you for purchasing the Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F series programmable controllers.
This manual describes the functions and programming of the relevant products listed below. Before using this product, please
read this manual and the relevant manuals carefully and develop familiarity with the functions and performance of the
MELSEC iQ-F series programmable controller to handle the product correctly.
When applying the program examples provided in this manual to an actual system, ensure the applicability and confirm that it
will not cause system control problems.
Please make sure that the end users read this manual.
Relevant products
In this manual, buffer memories are classified using the following symbols. Each area name can represent the
buffer memories corresponding to each axis.
• [Pr.**]: Symbols indicating positioning parameter or home position return parameter items
• [Da.**]: Symbols indicating positioning data or block start data items
• [Md.**]: Symbols indicating monitor data items
• [Cd.**]: Symbols indicating control data items
Outline Precautions
• This product has been manufactured as a general-purpose part for general industries, and has not been designed or
manufactured to be incorporated in a device or system used in purposes related to human life.
• Before using the product for special purposes such as nuclear power, electric power, aerospace, medicine or passenger
movement vehicles, consult Mitsubishi Electric.
• This product has been manufactured under strict quality control. However when installing the product where major
accidents or losses could occur if the product fails, install appropriate backup or failsafe functions in the system.
• If in doubt at any stage during the installation of the product, always consult a professional electrical engineer who is
qualified and trained in the local and national standards. If in doubt about the operation or use, please consult the nearest
Mitsubishi Electric representative.
• Since the examples indicated by this manual, technical bulletin, catalog, etc. are used as a reference, please use it after
confirming the function and safety of the equipment and system. Mitsubishi Electric will accept no responsibility for actual
use of the product based on these illustrative examples.
• This manual content, specification etc. may be changed, without a notice, for improvement.
• The information in this manual has been carefully checked and is believed to be accurate; however, if you notice a doubtful
point, an error, etc., please contact the nearest Mitsubishi Electric representative. When doing so, please provide the
manual number given at the end of this manual.


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