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Precautions; Operating Specifications; Disclaimer - Manfrotto 521 Instruction Manual

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Water resistivity
We put a lot of attention on making the controller to be as much
water resistant as possible, while maintaining its reasonable price.
However we cannot guarantee 100% water resistance under all cir-
cumstances and you should avoid using the controller under heavy
environment conditions like rain and over 95% humidity level.
High temperature
Avoid temperatures exceeding +70°C – especially do not leave the
controller exposed for direct contact with heavy sun shines, e.g. in
the car parked in sunny place.
Electrical precaution
The cable is always one of the most easy breakable element of any
electronic system, especially when as exposed to mechanical wear
off. Therefore to extend the life of your controller and make the
basic "repair" as cheap as possible we decided to allow easy cable
exchange. However, to avoid accidental short circuiting the cam-
era connection, you must remember to always plug the cable to the
controller first. We advise you to not to remove the cable from the
controller, if it is not necessary.


Operation temperature range
Storage temperature range
Humidity rel. (non condensing)
Model 521 - power consumption
Model 521 - power supply from the camera


The information contained in this document is subject of change
without notice.
Manfrotto makes no warranty and shall not be liable for any errors
on information contained in this document.
LANC stands for Local Application Control Bus System and is a
trade mark of SONY corp.
AG DVX-100 and AG DVC-80 and Panasonic name are trademarks
of Matsuchita corp.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
-20° - +70°
-30° - +80°
max. 95%
0,07 W (max)
5,3V – 6V

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