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Operation - Manfrotto 521 Instruction Manual

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Standby mode
Press the button once to switch camera into standby
mode. While camera in standby mode, press the button
again to switch camera back into normal operation
mode. Pressing this button while camera is switched off
will have no effect on camera operation.
Manual Focus
Press the button, to put the controller into manual focus
mode. When in this mode, the "Manual Focus LED" is
on. Rotate zoom wheel right to focus close (standard
focus direction), or far (reversed focus direction). Rotate
the zoom wheel left to focus far (standard focus direc-
tion), or close (reversed focus direction). To leave the
mode, press the button again. NOTE! You are not able
to zoom in focus mode.
Push Auto Focus
Keep the button pressed, for at least half a second, to
put the camera temporarily into Auto Focus mode. As
soon as you release the button the camera returns into
manual focus mode. This button has no effect, if the
camera is already working in Auto Focus mode. Note:
this function does not work with Canon XL1, XL1s,
XL2 and Sony VX1000 camcorders.
Customizing focus direction
To change the focus direction, switch the controller off.
Press the "Push Auto Focus" button, do not release it,
and switch the controller on. Wait for Main Led to go on
and that to go off. Release the button. The controller will
now work with new focus direction. The whole operation
takes about 6 seconds. The new focus direction infor-
mation will be permanently stored in the controller's
internal flash memory and restored after each power off.
Record start/stop
Press the button once to start recording.
Press the button again to stop recording.
The LED indicator will blink when that the camera is

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