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Power Supply; Using - Silvercrest SFE 1500 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

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6. Power supply

~ Please ensure that children are not able
to pull the device down from the work
surface with the power cable|10.
1. Before connecting the device, check that
the temperature controller|6 is set to the
"0" marking.
2. Insert the mains plug into a wall socket
corresponding to the specifications of
the rating plate.

7. Using

DANGER! Risk of injury
through burning!
~ Danger from explosive deflagration.
Make sure you use fat that is fresh,
clean and suitable for a fondue. Old,
used or unsuitable fat may ignite even
at low temperatures. Should the fat
catch fire while using the fondue, do not
try to extinguish it with water under any
circumstances. Smother the fire with a
saucepan lid of appropriate size or a
woollen blanket.
~ The stainless steel pot|2, splash guard|1
and fondue forks|8 become very hot
when using the fondue. Make sure you
protect your hands, e. g. with oven
gloves, and only touch the fondue
forks|8 by the handles.
~ Danger of burns caused by splashes of
hot liquid when dipping food into the
pot: dry food off beforehand and pro-
tect hands and forearms with oven
~ To prevent it from overflowing during
heating, the stainless steel pot|2 should
not be filled above the upper marking
indicating the maximum filling level|3.
1. Add fat, broth or cheese to the pot de-
pending on the intended use. The con-
tents must not lie above or below the two
filling level markings|4 +|3 in the pot.
2. Place the splash guard|1 on the pot.
3. Fat and broth: turn the temperature control-
ler|6 clockwise to the end stop to heat the
pot and its contents. The device will now
heat up.
Cheese: turn the temperature control-
ler|6 until it is midway between the
markings "0" and MAX to melt the
cheese carefully, stirring as it melts. In-
crease or reduce the setting depending
on the way the cheese you are using
NOTE: the temperature controller|6 allows
you to freely select a lower temperature after
initially heating up the pot. This is advisable,
for example, in order to keep the temperature
of the contents at just below the boiling point.
4. Prick the dried pieces of food onto the
fondue forks|8 and place them in the
fat, broth or cheese.
5. Fat and broth: take the fondue forks|8 out
when the food has reached the desired
Cheese: dip the fondue forks|8 into the
melted cheese, turning them as you do so
to coat the food in cheese.
6. After finishing with the fondue, turn the
temperature controller|6 to "0", unplug
the device and wait until all parts have
cooled down before starting the cleaning


Table of Contents

Table of Contents