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Cleaning; Storage; Disposal - Silvercrest SFE 1500 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

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8. Cleaning

DANGER! Risk of electric
~ Remove the mains plug from the wall
socket before cleaning the electric fon-
~ Do not immerse the heating unit|5, the
power cable|10 or the mains plug in
water or any other liquid.
DANGER! Risk of injury
through burning!
~ Leave all parts to cool down fully before
emptying the pot and cleaning.
DANGER! Risk of injury from
~ The fondue forks|8 are very sharp.
WARNING! Risk of material damage!
~ The red stainless steel pot must
never be cleaned in the dish-
~ Do not use any astringent or abrasive
cleaning agents.
~ Do not pour liquid fat down the sink:
when it cools, it may block the drains.
Heating unit
• Clean the heating unit|5 with a soft,
damp cloth using a mild soap solution.
• Clean the stainless steel pot|2, splash
guard|1 and fondue forks|8 with a mild
Emptying the stainless steel pot
Fat which becomes hard when cooled down
can be easily poured off when it is in a cooled
but still liquid state. Liquid fat can be poured
back into a suitable vessel, if required. Dis-
pose of old fat via your local disposal facility
or discard with household waste.
38 GB
NOTE: burnt-on food or fat residue is often
easier to remove if you fill the pot with water,
add a sachet of baking soda and leave to
stand overnight.

9. Storage

DANGER for children!
~ The electric fondue should be kept out
of the reach of children.
WARNING! Risk of material dam-
~ Figure A: do not wind the power ca-
ble|10 around the device but anti-clock-
wise into the housing base|7 of the
heating unit|5.
• Clean all parts and make sure they are
properly dry before putting away the
electric fondue.

10. Disposal

The symbol showing a
wheelie bin crossed through
indicates that the product re-
quires separate refuse collec-
tion in the European Union.
This applies to the product
and all accessories marked with this symbol.
Products identified with this symbol may not
be discarded with normal household waste,
but must be taken to a collection point for re-
cycling electric and electronic appliances.
Recycling helps to reduce the consumption
of raw materials and protect the environ-
When disposing of the packaging, make
sure you comply with the environmental reg-
ulations applicable in your country.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents