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Items Supplied; How To Use - Silvercrest SFE 1500 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

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~ The stainless steel pot, splash guard and
fondue forks become very hot when us-
ing the fondue. Make sure you protect
your hands, e.g. with oven gloves, and
only touch the fondue forks by the han-
~ To prevent it from overflowing during
heating, the stainless steel pot should
not be filled above the upper marking
indicating the maximum filling level.
~ Leave all parts to cool down fully before
emptying, cleaning or moving the pot.
~ Never move the heating unit while the
stainless steel pot is standing on it. The
stainless steel pot might slip off.
DANGER! Risk of injury
from cutting
~ Do not eat directly from the fondue
forks. They are very sharp.
WARNING! Risk of material
~ The stainless steel pot must be filled at
least up to the lower marking indicating
the minimum filling level, as less content
can quickly overheat.
~ Only use the original accessories.
~ The device is fitted with non-slip rubber
feet. As furniture is coated with various
varnishes and plastics and may be treat-
ed with different cleaning products, it
cannot be completely ruled out that
some of these substances contain com-
ponents which may attack and soften
the rubber feet. If necessary, place a
non-slip mat under the device.
~ Fat may splash out when the electric
fondue is in operation. You should there-
fore place the device on a surface that
is resistant to both heat and grease.
~ Do not pour liquid fat down the sink:
when it cools, it may block the drains
(see "Emptying the stainless steel pot"
on page 38).
~ Make sure that the surface under the de-
vice is dry.
36 GB
~ Never place the heating unit on hot sur-
faces (e.g. hot plates) or near sources of
heat or open flame.
~ The red stainless steel pot must
never be cleaned in the dish-
~ Do not use any astringent or abrasive
cleaning agents.

4. Items supplied

1 heating unit|5
1 stainless steel pot|2
1 splash guard|1
8 fondue forks|8
1 set of operating instructions

5. How to use

• Remove all packing material.
• Check whether all accessories are pres-
ent and undamaged.
• Rinse the stainless steel pot|2, the splash
guard|1 and the fondue forks|8 with a
mild detergent and thoroughly dry all
• Place the device on a dry, level, non-slip
surface. This surface should also be
heat-resistant and not be damaged by
splashes of hot fat.
NOTE: when in operation for the first time,
some smoke and odour may be generated
by the device. This is due to the assembly
materials used for the heating element and
is not a fault in the product. Ensure adequate


Table of Contents

Table of Contents