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Intended Purpose; Safety Information - Silvercrest SFE 1500 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

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Thank you for your trust!
Congratulations on your new electric fon-
For a safe handling of the product and in or-
der to get to know the entire scope of fea-
• Thoroughly read these operat-
ing instructions prior to initial
• Above all, observe the safety in-
• The device should only be used
as described in these operating
• Keep these operating instruc-
tions for reference.
• If you pass the device on to
someone else, please include
these operating instructions.
We hope you enjoy your new electric fon-

2. Intended purpose

The electric fondue is designed for heating
fat, broth and cheese. It is designed solely
for the quantities used in private households
and is not suitable for commercial purposes.
Foreseeable misuse
WARNING! Risk of material damage!
The stainless steel pot supplied must only be
used on the heating unit of this electric fon-
due. Do not heat the stainless steel pot on a
hob or over a naked flame.

3. Safety information

If necessary, the following warnings will be
used in these operating instructions:
DANGER! High risk: failure to ob-
serve this warning may result in inju-
ry to life and limb.
WARNING! Moderate risk: failure to ob-
serve this warning may result in injury or se-
rious material damage.
CAUTION: low risk: failure to observe this
warning may result in minor injury or mate-
rial damage.
NOTE: circumstances and specifics that must
be observed when handling the device.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents