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Troubleshooting; Technical Specifications; Warranty Of The Hoyer Handel Gmbh - Silvercrest SFE 1500 B2 Operating Instructions Manual

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11. Troubleshooting

If your device fails to function as required,
please try this checklist first. Perhaps there is
only a minor problem, and you can solve it
DANGER! Risk of electric
~ Do not attempt to repair the device your-
self under any circumstances.
Possible causes /
• Has the device been
connected to the power
• Check the connection.
• Is the temperature con-
troller|6 set to the "0"
12. Technical
SFE 1500 B2
Mains voltage:
220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Protection class: I
Power rating:
1500 W
Subject to technical modification.
13. Warranty of the
Dear Customer,
your device is provided with a 3 year war-
ranty starting with the purchase date. In the
event of product defects, you are entitled to
statutory rights against the vendor. These
statutory rights are not restricted by our war-
ranty presented in the following.
Warranty conditions
The warranty period starts with the purchase
date. Please keep the original purchase re-
ceipt in a safe place. This document is re-
quired to verify the purchase.
If within three years from the purchase date
of this product a material or factory defect
occurs, the product will be repaired or re-
placed by us – at our discretion – free of
charge to you. This warranty implies that
within the period of three years the defective
device and the purchase receipt are present-
ed, including a brief written description of
the defect and the time it occurred.
If the defect is covered by our warranty, the
repaired or a new product will be returned
to you. No new warranty period starts with
a repair or replacement of the product.
Warranty period and statutory
claims for defects
The warranty period is not extended when
the warranty has been claimed. This also ap-
plies to replaced and repaired parts. Any
damages and defects already existing at the
time of purchase must be reported immedi-
ately upon unpacking. Repairs arising after
the expiration of the warranty period are
subject to a charge.
Warranty coverage
The device was produced carefully according
to strict quality guidelines and tested diligent-
ly prior to delivery.
HOYER Handel GmbH


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