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DANGER for children
~ Packing materials are not children's
toys. Children should not be allowed to
play with the plastic bags: there is a risk
of suffocation.
DANGER! Risk of electric
shock due to moisture
~ Protect the heating unit from moisture,
dripping and splashing water.
~ Do not use the device in the open air or
near vessels filled with water, e.g. sinks.
~ If the heating unit has fallen into water,
remove the mains plug immediately,
and only then remove the device from
the water. Do not use the device again,
and have it checked by a specialist.
~ Never touch the heating unit with wet
DANGER! Risk of electric
~ Do not use the device if the device or
the power cable has any visible dam-
age, or if the device has previously
been dropped.
~ Extension cables must be designed for a
minimum of 10 ampere.
~ Lay the power cable and any extension
cable such that nobody can step on
them, get caught on them, or trip over
~ Before connecting the device, check that
the temperature controller is set to the
"0" marking.
~ Connect the mains plug only to a cor-
rectly installed, easily accessible wall
socket with an earthing contact with
voltage corresponding to the rating
plate. The wall socket must continue to
be easily accessible after the device is
plugged in.
~ Ensure that the power cable cannot be
damaged by sharp edges or hot points.
Do not wind the power cable around
the device but into the housing base of
the heating unit.
~ Even after it has been switched off, the
device has not been completely discon-
nected from the mains. In order to fully
disconnect it, pull out the mains plug.
~ When setting up the device, make sure
that the power cable is not trapped or
~ To pull the mains plug out of the wall
socket, always pull on the mains plug,
and never on the power cable.
~ Disconnect the mains plug from the wall
socket, ...
... if there is a fault,
... when you are not using the device,
... before you clean the device and
... during thunderstorms.
~ Do not connect another device with a
high power consumption to a wall sock-
et on the same circuit. This way you will
avoid overloading the mains power sup-
~ To avoid any risk, do not make modifi-
cations to the product.
DANGER! Risk of injury
through burning!
~ Danger to life from burns. Please ensure
that children are not able to pull the de-
vice down from the work surface with
the power cable.
~ Danger from explosive deflagration.
Make sure you use fat that is fresh,
clean and suitable for a fondue. Old,
used or unsuitable fat may ignite even
at low temperatures. Should the fat
catch fire while using the fondue, do not
try to extinguish it with water under any
circumstances. Smother the fire with a
saucepan lid of appropriate size or a
woollen blanket.
~ Warning! Risk of burns caused by
splashes of hot liquid when dipping
food into the pot: dry food off before-
hand and protect hands and forearms
with oven gloves.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents