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Care And Cleaning - Kenwood SB320 series Instruction Manual

Smoothie blender
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To make a thinner smoothie drink
add more liquid.
To make a thicker smoothie drink
add more frozen ingredients but do
not exceed the frozen limit marked
on the goblet.
Before fitting the lid, push the solid
ingredients into the liquid using the
Use the pulse button to operate the
power unit in a start stop action to
control the texture of your drink.
Take care as this automatically
selects the higher speed and may
cause the drink to be thrown up the
sides and onto the lid of the goblet.
After blending, some drinks may not
be completely smooth due to seeds
or the fibrous nature of ingredients.
Some drinks may separate on
standing, therefore, it's best to drink
them straight away. Separated
drinks should be stirred before
Never blend more than the
maximum capacity marked on the
Never blend dry ingredients (eg
spices, nuts) or run the Smoothie
Blender empty.
Don't use the Smoothie Blender as
a storage container. Keep it empty
before and after use.
Some liquids increase in volume and
froth during blending e.g. milk, so do
not overfill and ensure the lid is
correctly fitted.
To ensure long life of your Smoothie
Blender, never run it continuously for
longer than 60 seconds.
Never blend food that has formed a
solid mass during freezing, break it
up before adding to the goblet.
care & cleaning
Always switch off, unplug and
dismantle before cleaning.
Never let the power unit, cord or
plug get wet.
Empty the goblet before unscrewing
the blade unit.
Always wash immediately after use.
Don't let food dry onto the goblet
assembly as this will make cleaning
Don't wash the sealing ring, tap
assembly or blade assembly in the
Dismantle the tap and clean the
parts thoroughly after every use.
Smoothie Blender unit
Before dismantling the Smoothie
Blender, half fill the goblet with warm
water. Fit the lid and stirrer then
place on the power unit. Press
speed ' ' and whilst running open
the tap and allow the water to drain
into a container to clean the valve.
This can be repeated until the water
runs clear.
power unit
Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
blade unit
1 Remove and wash the sealing ring.
2 Don't touch the sharp blades - brush
them clean using hot soapy water,
then rinse thoroughly under the tap.
Don't immerse the blade assembly in
3 Leave to dry upside down away from
goblet, lid, cap and stirrer
Wash by hand, rinse with clean
water then dry.
cleaning the tap
1 Unscrew the tap assembly from the
2 Dismantle the tap by unscrewing the
tap lever from the tap body
not remove the white plastic
component of the assembly.
3 Wash the components then rinse
and dry thoroughly.
4 Reassemble the tap by reversing the
above procedure.
5 Refit the tap to the goblet ensuring
that the seals are correctly
positioned on the goblet
. Do


Table of Contents