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Kenwood Smoothie SB260 series Instructions Manual

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SB260 series
SB270 series
HEAD OFFICE: Kenwood Limited, 1-3 Kenwood Business Park, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH



  Summary of Contents for Kenwood Smoothie SB260 series

  • Page 1 SB260 series SB270 series instructions HEAD OFFICE: Kenwood Limited, 1-3 Kenwood Business Park, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH 18754/5...
  • Page 2 nglish safety Read these instructions carefully and retain for future reference. Remove all packaging and any labels. Switch off and unplug: before fitting and removing parts after use before cleaning. Never let the power unit, cord or plug get wet. Keep hands and utensils, other than the stirrer out of the goblet when it’s on the power unit.
  • Page 3 Only use the appliance for its intended domestic use. Kenwood will not accept any liability if the appliance is subject to improper use, or failure to comply with these instructions.
  • Page 4 The correct fuse cover is identified by colour and a replacement may be obtained from your Kenwood 3 Screw the tap assembly onto the Authorised Repairer (see Service). goblet. Check that the dispensing...
  • Page 5: Care And Cleaning

    Use the stirrer by moving it in an anti Some liquids increase in volume and clockwise direction. froth during blending eg milk, so do 11 Place a glass underneath the tap, not overfill and ensure the lid is press the ‘low’ button and pull correctly fitted.
  • Page 6 (in or out of wrong within one year from the date guarantee) you bought it, we will repair or call Kenwood Customer Care on replace it free of charge provided: 023 9239 2333. Have your you have not misused, neglected or model number (e.g.
  • Page 7 recipes choco mint shake 400ml semi skimmed milk strawberry lemon few drops peppermint essence to surprise taste 4 small scoops chocolate ice cream 2 x 150g pots strawberry yoghurt (approximate weight 200g) 500ml lemonade Makes 2 large glasses 400g frozen strawberries Place the milk and essence into the Makes 4 large glasses goblet.
  • Page 8 pineapple and apricot fruit smasher smoothie 2 nectarines, stones removed and flesh cut up 200ml pineapple juice 100g fresh raspberries 200ml Greek yoghurt 100g fresh strawberries 200g fresh pineapple, cut into pieces 100ml lemonade 3 fresh apricots, stones removed 100ml apple juice and flesh cut up 6 ice cubes 10 ice cubes...
  • Page 9 carrot and coriander tropical ginger soup 400ml ginger beer 2 x 15ml rum 25g butter 300g mixture frozen pineapple, 1 medium onion, chopped melon and mango 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed Makes 2 large glasses 600g carrot cut into 2cm cubes cold chicken stock Place the ginger beer and rum into 10ml ground coriander...
  • Page 10 chocolate orange smoothie 400ml orange juice 2 x 15ml Cointreau 4 small scoops chocolate ice cream (approximate weight 200g) Makes 2 large glasses Place the orange juice and Cointreau into the goblet, then add the ice cream. Switch to ‘low’ for 10 seconds then ‘high’...

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