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JRC JHS-32B Instruction Manual: Printer

Marine vhf radiotelephone.
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When a printer is connected, messages are automatically printed out.
9.3 NKG-52 Printer
NKG-52 Printer
Do not attempt to print when there is no paper in the printer.
Doing so may cause damage to the printer head.
Do not turn the power switch off while printing. Only turn off the printer after it
has finished printing and the head has returned to its home position.
Doing so may cause damage to the printer head.
The NKG-52 has no self-test functions. Perform a printer test from the unit to
which the printer is connected.
The printing paper used in the NKG-52 printer is a special paper which turns
black when exposed to heat. Take the following precautions when using this
• Store the paper away from heat, humidity and light.
• Dry your hands before handling the paper.
• Do not rub the paper with any hard objects.
• Do not use organic adhesives on the paper (however, water-based starch
adhesives or compound adhesives will not cause any problems).
• Do not use adhesive tape on the paper (however, double-sided tape may
be used on the rear side of the paper).
• Do not allow the paper to remain in contact with polyvinyl chloride film for a
long period of time.
• Do not leave the paper in contact with freshly copied diazo type or wet
process paper.
• Do not allow the paper to come into contact with organic solvents.


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