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JRC JHS-32B Instruction Manual: First Aid

Marine vhf radiotelephone.
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Unless there is impending danger leave the victim where he or she is, then begin artificial respiration. Once you
begin artificial respiration, you must continue without losing rhythm.
(1) Make contact with the victim cautiously, there is a risk that you may get electrocuted.
(2) Switch off the machinery and then move the victim away slowly if you must.
(3) Inform someone immediately (a hospital or doctor, dial emergency numbers, etc.).
(4) Lay the victim on his or her back and loosen any constrictive clothing (a tie, or belt).
(5) (a) Check the victim's pulse.
(b) Check for a heartbeat by pressing your ear against the victim's chest.
(c) Check if the victim is breathing by putting the back of your hand or face near the victim's face.
(d) Check the pupils of the eyes.
(6) Open the victim's mouth and remove any artificial dentifrice, food or chewing gum. Leave the mouth
opened and flatten the tongue with a towel or by putting something into the mouth to prevent the victim's
tongue from obstructing the throat. (If he or she is clenching their teeth and it is difficult to open the mouth,
use a spoon or the like to pry open the mouth.)
(7) Continually wipe the mouth to prevent the accumulation of saliva.

First aid

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