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Maytag Precision Touch Control 800 Series Use & Care Manual: Cooking Areas; Smoothtop Surface

Electric smoothtop.
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Surface Cooking

Smoothtop Surface

Smoothtop Surface Notes:
• Cooktop may emit light smoke and odor the first few
times the cooktop is used. This is normal.
• Smoothtop cooktops retain heat for a period of time
after the element is turned off. Turn the elements off
a few minutes before food is completely cooked and use
the retained heat to complete cooking. When the hot
surface light turns off, the cooking area will be cool
enough to touch. Because of the way they retain heat, the
smoothtop elements will not respond to changes in
settings as quickly as coil elements.
• In the event of a potential boilover, remove the pan from
the cooking surface.
• Never attempt to lift the cooktop.
• The smoothtop surface may appear discolored when it is
hot. This is normal and will disappear when the surface

Cooking Areas

The cooking areas on your range are identified by permanent
circles on the smoothtop surface. For most efficient cooking,
fit the pan size to the element size.
Pans should not extend more than
the cooking area.
When a control is turned on, a glow can be seen through the
smoothtop surface. The element will cycle on and off to
maintain the preset heat setting, even on Hi.
For more information on cookware, refer to Cookware
Recommendations on page 7 and "Cooking Made Simple"
booklet included with your range.
Hot Surface Light
The Hot Surface indicator light is located on the
control panel. The light will be illuminated
when any cooking area is hot. It will remain on,
even after the control is turned off, until the area has cooled.
to 1-inch beyond
Warming Center
Use the Warming Center to keep hot cooked foods warm, such
as vegetables, gravies and oven-safe dinner plates.
Setting the Control:
1. Push in and turn the knob. Warming
temperatures are approximate and are
indicated on the control as Min, 2-8
and Max. However, the control can
be set to any position between Min
and Max.
2. When done, turn the control to OFF and
remove food. The Hot Surface indicator light
will go off when the Warming Center surface has cooled.
• Never warm food for longer than one hour (eggs for 30
minutes), as food quality may deteriorate.
• Do not heat cold food on the Warming Center.
• Heat settings will vary depending on type and amount
of food. Always hold food at proper food temperatures.
USDA recommends food temperatures between
140°-170° F.
Suggested Settings
Min - 2
2 - 5
Dinner Plate with Food
Soups (Cream)
5 - Max
Fried Foods
Soups (Liquid)
Warming Center Notes:
• Use only cookware and dishes recommended as safe for
oven and cooktop use.
• Always use oven mitts when removing food from the
Warming Center as cookware and plates will be hot.
• All foods should be covered with a lid or aluminum foil to
maintain food quality.
• When warming pastries and breads the cover should have
an opening to allow moisture to escape.
• Do not use plastic wrap to cover foods. Plastic may melt
on to the surface and be very difficult to clean.
Type of food
Hot Beverages




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