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Maytag MER6871AAW User Manual

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Installer:Pleaseleave this manualwith
this appliance.
Consumer: Please read and keep this
manualfor future reference.Keep sates
receiptand/orcancelled checkasproofof
Model Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase
Inourcontinuing effor_ toimprove
the quality and performanceof
our cookingproducts,it maybe
necessaryto make changesto
theappliance withoutrevising this
If youhavequestions, c all:
1-888-4MAYTAG (1-888-462-9824)
1-800-688-2080 ( U.S.TTYfor
hearingor speechimpaired)
(Mon.-Fri., 8 am-8pmEasternTime)
Forserviceinformation, seepage 15.
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Form No. A/03/O0
Part No. 8113P257-60
h t t p : / / w w w. m a y t a g. c o m
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  Summary of Contents for Maytag MER6871AAW

  • Page 1 If youhavequestions, c all: 1-888-4MAYTAG (1-888-462-9824) 1-800-688-2080 ( U.S.TTYfor hearingor speechimpaired) (Mon.-Fri., 8 am-8pmEasternTime) Internet: Forserviceinformation, seepage 15. Form No. A/03/O0 Part No. 8113P257-60 ,,?,.,,,_,,_,r,_'_-';_ h t t p : / / w w w. m a y t a g. c o m 74005366 Litho U.S.
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTAHT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS GENERAL IHsTrU(TIOHs Read and follow all instructionsbefore us- NEVER use aluminumfoil to line drip bowls or cover oven racks or oven bot- ing this applianceto preventthepotentialrisk tom. This could result in risk of electric of fire, electric shock, personal injury or dam- wARNING: NEVER useappliancedoor(s), age to the appliance as a result of improper shock, fire, or damage to the appliance.
  • Page 3: Ventilating Hoods

    Toprevent damage toremovable heating Do not use oven cleaners. No commercial items could damage the appliance or be elements, donotimmerse, soak orclean oven cleaner or oven liner protective coat- burned or seriously injured. inadishwasher orself-clean oven. Adam- ing of any kind should be used in or around Children must be taught that the appliance aged element could short r esulting ina any part of the oven.
  • Page 4: Surface Controls

    SURFACE COOKING IIIIIIIIIIIII I SURFACE CONTROLS Before Cooking After Cooking Always place a pan on the surface Clean up messy spills as soon as Use to turn on the surface elements. An unit before you turn it on. To prevent possible.
  • Page 5: Glass-Ceramic Surface

    Canning Element (Model discolor or etch the porcelain. immediately. (See Cleaning, page 12.) CE1). Contact your Maytag dealer for details or call 1-800-688-8408 to order. To protect drip bowl finish: >-Never let a pan boil dry as this will II To lessen discoloration and crazing, I Cfean frequently.
  • Page 6: Control Options

    OVEN (0OKING The electroniccontrol is designedfor ease in programming.The displaywindow on the control showstime of day, timer and ovenfunctions. Messages will scrollto promptyourprogramming steps.Thedisplayshowsthelowerovenset at375° FandTIMER1 set for45 minutes.Bracket line (upper left side) coincideswith messagein display.Control panelshown includesConvectBake feature. Upper Oven 12 HourOFF Timer Beeps C_ T_rr_ Beeps...
  • Page 7 BAKEPAD BAKING CONVECTBAKING Use for baking and roasting, (SELECT MODELS) If the TOASTING function is operat- 1. Press BAKE pad. ing in the upper oven when lower As a general rule, when convection oven BAKE pad and temperature are baking, set the oven temperature 2.
  • Page 8 5. At the end of the set toasting time, the displaywillreadTOASTINGCOMPLETE TOASTING Fortoasting b read andproducts thatare and beep fourtimes. One reminderbeep toasted i natoaster ortoaster oven. will sound every 30 seconds for 5 min- Toasting is based on time not tem- utes or until CANCEL pad is pressed or perature.
  • Page 9 TIMERPADS COOKTIME/STOP TIME PADS (CLOCK CONTROLLED OVENCOOKING) To Delay the Start of Cooking and Turn The timer(s) may be set for any time Use to programthe ovens to start and stop Off Automatically: automatically. Cook time may be set for up period up to 99 hours and 59 minutes to 11 hours and 59 minutes (11:59).
  • Page 10: Oven Lights

    CONTROL OPTIONS CONTROL LOCK ( 4) OVENTEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT Change Factory SetDefaultOptions: If youthink the oven isoperating too cold Control options may be changed by se- The function pads on the control can be or hot, youcan adjust it. Bakeseveraltest lecting the Setup Options (0) pad and lockedto preventunwantedusefor safety the desired option pad.
  • Page 11: Oven Racks

    All racks are designed with a lock-stop RACKPOSITIONS large roaster is on the lower rack. Con- edge. tact your Maytag dealer for the "HALFRACK" Accessory Kit or call UPPEROVEN 1-800-688-8408 to order.
  • Page 12 CARE &CLEAHIHG To Delay the Start of a Self-Clean Cycle: CLEANING PROCEDUR CLEANPAD 1. Follow steps 1-4 above. Use to set a self-clean cycle. (Only one 2. Press the STOP TIME pad. STOP oven may be cleaned at a time. Both TIME will flash.
  • Page 13 GLASS OVEN RACKS CONTROL KNOBS - OVEN WINDOWS & DOORS > Avoid usingexcessiveamountsof water Cleanwith soapy water. > Remove knobs in the OFF position by which may seep under or behind glass pullingforward. Removestubborn soilwithcleansing pow- causingstaining. der or soap4illed scouring pad. Rinse >...
  • Page 14 ":_._,J.;° 4,5.6 To assure the proper replacement To REPLACE: bulb is used, order bulb from Maytag ..1_ ..Customer Service. Call 1-800-688- 1. Grasp door at each side, 8408, ask for part number 74004458 - 2.
  • Page 15: You Call. For Service

    BEFORE YOU CALl. FOR SERVICE BAKINGRESULTS ARE NOTAS FOR MOST CONCERNS,TRY opened whentheLOC indicatorword is not THESE FIRST: EXPECTEDOR DIFFER FROM displayed. PREVIOUSOVEN. Both ovens will lock when either oven is Checkif ovencontrolshave beenprop- cleaned. ! Make sure the oven vent has not been erly set.
  • Page 16: Warranty

    IFYOU H EED SERVICE and bake elements on electric cooking app!iances. II Call the dealer from whom your appliance was purchased or call Maytag Canadian Residents Appliances Sales Company, Maytag Customer Assistance at 1-888-462- The abovewarrantiesonly cover an appliance 9824, USA to locate an authorized servicer.