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Phone Book Editing; Call Lists - Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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Call lists

direct access to the list of missed
calls simply by pressing
Enter the List menu
by pressing
Copying numbers into your
Select one of the below
phone book
mentioned options
You can copy a number from the
list of outgoing, answered, or
Outgoing calls
missed calls into your phone book.
You just select the wanted phone
See a list of your last dialled tele-
number from the current list, press
phone numbers.
The amount of
to access your phone book
numbers shown depends on your
SIM card.
and give the number a name, a
ringing tone and a location number.
Answered calls
See a list of the last 10 calls you
have received and answered.
Missed calls
See a list of the last 10 calls that
you received, but did not answer.
Direct access to the list of
missed calls
When you have missed one or
more calls, the symbol
is shown
in the display together with the
amount of missed calls. You get
List menu
Facts & Tips
• As the telephone registers only
identified calls in the list, the number
of missed calls shown on the display
and the number of phone numbers
actually listed may be different.
• If you want to call one of the num-
bers from the lists of outgoing,
answered or missed calls, select it
and press
to initiate the call.
• If you call a number from the list of
missed calls, it will be deleted, but
you can then find it again in the list of
outgoing calls.
• You can delete all entries stored in
the lists of outgoing, answered, and
missed calls. This is done by entering
the Setup menu (see p. 40).
List menu

Phone book editing

Status Select »Status« to see the
Phone book
total number of locations in your
The List menu offers you the fol-
phone book and the number of free
lowing options concerning your
phone book:
Find entry Select »Find entry« to
find an entry in your phone book.
Add entry Select »Add entry« to
add a new entry to your phone
Edit entry Select »Edit entry« to
change an existing name or num-
ber in your phone book. Select the
name/number you wish to change
and edit it by means of your key-
Delete entry Select »Delete entry«
to delete one of the entries in your
phone book. Select the entry you
want to delete and press
Facts & Tips
• Finding an entry in your phone book
can also be done simply by pressing
when you are in standby mode.
• Adding an entry to your phone book
can also be done by using the
key, see p. 12.



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