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Instructions For Use Of Boilers With Electronic Control; Controlling Buttons; Switching On / Switching Off - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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22 | Εlectric water heater Tronic 7000 T

Instructions for use of boilers with electronic control.

The electronic control ensures extremely
precise control on the water temperature
and on the system for self diagnostics.
The integrated electronic module for con-
trol is incorporating:
• Precise electronic thermostat for adju-
sting to the desired maximum tempera-
ture of water heating /with accuracy up
to ± 1°С/
• Electronic thermometer for visualizing
the current water temperature / with
preciseness up to ± 1°С /
• Anode tester for identification of the cu-
rrent state of the Magnesium anode and
the necessity of changing it.
• Push on/ off button.
• System for self diagnostics through whi-
ch messages about faults are displayed
as well as about availability of problems
in the functioning of the appliance.
1. Controlling buttons /Fig. 1/
The controlling of the appliance is perfor-
med by means of four buttons
- Button 1 for Switching on and Switching
off of the boiler
- Light indicator 5 – indicates the state (the
functioning) of the anode protector. /
see p.1.4/
- Button 4 for the identification of the state
of the Magnesium anode protector.
- Light indicator 2 – indicates the working
mode of the boiler /see p. 2/
- Button 6 for increasing the assigned maxi-
mum heating temperature
- Button 7 for decreasing the assigned
maximum heating temperature

2. Switching on / Switching off:

• The boiler is in heating water mode in
the cases, in which indicator 2 is illumi-
nated /in red light/
• The boiler is not in active regime for he-
ating the water in the cases when indi-
cator 2 is dark.
With single pressing of Button 1 the boiler
is switched on or off. When the boiler is in
switched off state, the symbol '_ _' is visua-
lized on the display and indicator 2 is dark.
With the initial switching on of the boiler,
the current temperature is visualized on
the display (3). The Light Indicating Diode
(LED) 2 above button 1 is lit in the cases in
which the boiler is in mode for heating the
water i.e. preliminary assigned temperatu-
re of the water is higher than the current
water temperature in the boiler. When the
temperature of the water in the boiler rea-
ches the assigned one, the LED above bu-
tton 1 becomes dark and indicates that the
boiler is not in an active regime of heating
the water.
Indications on the display during using of
the appliance:
- when the assigned temperature is below
60°С – the measured temperature aro-
und the recording device is always visu-
- when the assigned temperature is equal
or higher than 60°С – with consumpti-
on of hot water, the water temperature
around the recording device drops and
the indication on the display is changed.
With the reaching of value with 15°С
lower than the assigned, the indication
is changed with the symbol „СО", which
in this case indicates active consumpti-
on. Attention, this does not mean that
the hot water in the appliance is consu-
med. You may still utilize it. When it is
almost completely utilized, its tempera-
ture begins to smoothly drop and this
will be easily felt.
Provided that you cease to use hot water
and the appliance remains switched on,
approximately 5 minutes after that the
current temperature will be visualized


Table of Contents

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