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Protection According To The Temperature (Valid For All Models); Models Equipped With A Heat Exchanger (Serpentine Tube); Important Rules - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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20 | Εlectric water heater Tronic 5000 T/Tronic 7000 T
able temperature.
- ANTIBACTERIAL MODE. It is recommended
that once per month the appliance should
be placed in this mode for a period of 1 day
with the aim to ensure higher hygiene of the
used hot water.
Fig. 4 indicates the direction of rotation of
the knob for the other models with exter-
nally adjustable thermostat
IMPORTANT: Models that do not
have thermostat control knobs have
automatic water temperature preset
by the manufacturer.
-- ANODE TESTER - (with models, having an
integrated tester).
This facility serves for the identification of
the current state of magnesium anode and
indicates the need for its replacement. The
anode tester is secured with button 4 and
light indication 5 next to it (Fig.4).
The state of the anode protector can be
controlled by pressing button 4. When the
illuminating indicator, besides it is lit in a
blinking GREEN color, this means that the
ANODE PROTECTOR functions in a normal,
usual mode and protects your appliance
from corrosion. When the illuminating in-
dicator is lit with a blinking RED color, this
means that the ANODE PROTECTOR is
worn out and should be replaced.
IMPORTANT: The changing of the an-
ode protector is done by a qualified
3. Protection according to the
(valid for all models).
The appliance is equipped with a special
facility (thermal circuit-breaker) for pro-
tection against over-heating of the water,
which is switching off the heater from the
electricity network, when the temperature
reaches too high values. The facility has to
be restored compulsory after repairing the
reason for its starting up.
In case of activating of this automatic pro-
tection it is necessary to turn to an au-
thorized service for the reparation of the
VII. Models equipped with a
heat exchanger
(serpentine tube)
- Fig.1d and Table 2.
These water heaters allow energy savings
during the year's heating season. This is
achieved by the built in heat exchanger
(boiler tube). With its assistance, the
water heaters may heat water without
consuming electricity, by using local or
central water heating. Maximum tem-
perature of the heat carrier: 80°C.
The water heaters equipped with a heat
exchanger offer three possibilities for
water heating:
1. Via an electric heating element
2. Via a heat exchanger /boiler tube/
3. Combined heating - via boiler tube and
electric heating element
In addition to the mounting manner out-
lined above, especially for the latter
models, it shall be required to connect
the heat exchanger to the heating instal-
lation. The connections are to be carried
out in observance of the direction indi-
cated by the arrows on Fig. 1d.
We recommend you mount stopcocks at
the heat exchanger's entry and exit
points. By stopping the flow of the ther-
mophore via the lower (stopcock) you
shall avoid the unnecessary circulation
of the thermophore during periods of
use only of the electric heating element.
Upon disassembly of you water heater
equipped with a heat exchanger you
must close both stopcocks.
VIII. Important rules
- The water heater must only be mounted in
premises with normal fire resistance.
- Do not switch on the water heater unless
you established it was filled with water.
- Qualified P&P specialists and Electricians
must only perform the connecting of the wa-


Table of Contents

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