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Water Heater Connection To The Electrical Network - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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18 | Εlectric water heater Tronic 5000 T/Tronic 7000 T
than the water can be drain as follow:
- Models equipped with safety valve with
lever - You can drain the water from the wa-
ter heater by lifting the safety return-valve's
lever. Water will drain from the safety re-
turn-valve's drainage opening
- Models equipped with safety valve with-
out lever - water can be drain directly from
inlet pipe of water tank after when you dis-
connect it from water main
In the event of removing the flange, the dis-
charge of several liters of water, which re-
main in the water tank, is normal. Measures
must be undertaken to prevent damage
from discharging water during draining.
In the event that the water mains piping,
pressure exceeds the pressure stated on
the appliance (outlined here above in s. II
and on the appliance's rating plate), it shall
be necessary to mount a pressure-reducing
valve; otherwise the water heater shall not
function correctly. The Manufacturer does
not assume any liability for problems aris-
ing out of the appliance's improper use.
3. Water heater connection to the
electrical network
ATTENTION! Make sure the appli-
ance is full of water prior to switch-
ing on the electrical mains power.
3.1. Models with power cord with a plug
are connected by inserting the plug into
a contact. They are switched off the pow-
er supply by drawing the plug out of the
3.2. Models without power cord with a plug.
The boiler is connected to the power sup-
ply by means of a power 3-wire copper
cable 3х2.5 to a separate power
circuit protected by a 16A cutout. This con-
cerns water heaters with 3000W inclusive
electric power capacity.
For water heaters with electric power 4000
W, this connection to the electric system is
done by means of a three core copper ca-
ble 3x4 to a separate circuit circle,
protected by a 20A safety device.
The electrical circuit supplying the appli-
ance must have an in-built device ensur-
ing the splitting of all terminal poles under
conditions of super-voltage of category III.
To install the power supply wire to the boil-
er, remove the plastic cover (Fig.2 d - ac-
cording to the purchased model).
Connect the power wires in compliance
with the marks on the terminals, as follows:
- the phase - to mark A, A1, L or L1;
- the neutral - to mark N (B or B1 or N1)
The safety wire must be obligatory con-
nected to the screw joint marked with
After the installation, put the plastic cover
back in its place! .
Note: For models with externally adjustable
thermostat (shown on Fig. 2), dismount
the handle before mounting the cover by
pressing it from the internal side till it gets
detached from the plastic cover. Mount the
plastic cover again, afterwards set the han-
dle on its place by pressing it to click in.
Explanations to Fig. 2:
TS - thermal switch;
TR - thermal regulator;
(Fig. 1 & 2)
S - switch (for models that have one);
R - heater;
IL - light indicator;
F - flange;
M.S. - metal cover;
АТ - anode tester (only for models that
have one);
KL - luster terminal;
AP - anode protector;
V. Rust protection magnesium
tanks covered by glass-ceramics coating)
The magnesium anode protects the water
tank's inner surface from corrosion.
The anode's term of use is up to five years.
The anode element is an element undergo-
ing wear and tear and is subject to periodic
In view of the long-term and accident free
(for water heaters with water


Table of Contents

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