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Mounting; Water Heater Connection To The Pipe Network - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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1. Mounting

We recommend the mounting of the device
at close proximity to locations where hot
water is used, in order to reduce heat loss-
es during transportation. In the event the
device is mounted in a bathroom, the se-
lected location must exclude the possibil-
ity of water spray contact from the shower-
head or portable showerhead attachment.
The appliance is affixed to a wall via the
mounting brackets attached to the unit's
body (if the brackets are not attached to
the unit's body, they must be affixed in
place via the provided bolts). Two hooks
are used for suspending the appliance
(min. Ø 10 mm) set firmly in the wall (not
included in the mounting set). The mount-
ing bracket's construction designed for wa-
ter heaters intended for vertical mounting
is universal and allows a distance between
the hooks of 220 to 310 mm.
ATTENTION! In order to prevent in-
jury to user and/or third persons in the
event of faults in the system for provid-
ing hot water, the appliance must be
mounted in premises outfitted with
floor hydro insulation (or) plumbing
drainage. Don't place objects, which
are not waterproof under the appliance
under any circumstances. In the event
of mounting the appliance in premises
not outfitted with floor hydro insula-
tion, a protective tub with a plumbing
drainage must be placed under the
Notice: the set does not include a protec-
tive tub and the user must select the same.
2. Water heater connection to
the pipe network.
Fig. 4: a) - for vertical; b) - for horizontal
installation; c) - for floor installation
Where: 1 - Inlet pipe; 2 - Safety valve; 3 - re-
ducing valve (for water main pressure > 0,7
MPa); 4 - Stop valve; 5 - Funnel connected
to the sewer network; 6 – Hose; 7 - Drain
water tap.
Εlectric water heater Tronic 5000 T/Tronic 7000 T | 17
Upon connecting the water heater to the
water mains you must consider the indica-
tive color markings /rings/ affixed to the
pipes: blue for cold /incoming/ water, red
for hot /outgoing/ water.
The mounting of the safety return-valve sup-
plied with the water heater is obligatory.
The safety return-valve must be mounted
on the cold water supply pipe, in observ-
ance of the direction arrow stamped on its
body, indicating the incoming water's di-
rection. Additional stopcocks must not be
mounted between the safety return-valve
and the water heater.
ATTENTION! The presence of other /
old/ safety return-valves may lead to
a breakdown of your appliance and
they must be removed.
ATTENTION! The attaching of the safety
return-valve to threads longer than 10
mm is not allowed, otherwise this may
damage the valve and poses danger for
your appliance.
ATTENTION! With boilers for vertical
assembly, the safety valve has to be
connected to the ingoing pipe with
the safety plastic panel of the ap-
pliance being taken off. After it has
been assembled it should be in posi-
tion as shown on Fig. 4.
Opening the cold-water stopcock of the
water supply piping network and opening
the hot-water stopcock of the water-mixing
faucet carries out the filling of the water
heater with water. After the filling is com-
plete, a constant stream of water must be-
gin to flow from the water-mixing faucet.
Now you can close the hot water stopcock.
In the event you must empty the water heat-
er, first you must cut off its power supply.
The inflow of water from the water mains
must first be terminated and the hot water
tap of the mixing-faucet must be opened.
The water tap 7 (fig 3a and 4 b) must be
opened to drain the water from water tank.
If there is no such tap build in the pipe line,


Table of Contents

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