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Adjustment To The Desired Maximum Temperature Of Water Heating; Work With The Anode Tester; Alarms - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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on the display.
3. Adjustment to the desired
maximum temeparure of water
The integrated electronic module for con-
trolling grants the opportunity to adjust
the temperature from 8 °C to 75°C. The
adjustment of the temperature is perfor-
med with buttons 6 and 7.
In order to raise the desired assigned maxi-
mum temperature of the water, press Bu-
tton 6, in order to decrease the desired
assigned maximum temperature press Bu-
tton 7. Pressing the respective button once,
the value of the assigned up to this moment
temperature is visualized on display (3). If
pressed a second time one of the two bu-
ttons ('+' or '-') the value of the adjusted
temperature is increased or decreased.
After you have completed the adjustment
process to the desired maximum tempe-
rature of the water, its value remains dis-
played for another 3 - 4 seconds, and then
it is automatically memorized while on the
display the value of the current tempera-
ture of the water in the appliance is again
indicated, or symbol „СО" appears.
IMPORTANT: Upon reaching the
preliminary assigned maximum wa-
ter temperature, your appliance is
switched off and the heating of the
water in the water container is termi-
nated. As a result of the using of hot
water and / or as a result of durable
stay, the temperature of the water
in the boiler begins to drop. Upon
reaching the value of the current wa-
ter temperature with 3°C lower than
the preliminary assigned tempera-
ture, the appliance is again switched
on and it begins to warm up until the
assignment is reached.
Εlectric water heater Tronic 7000 T | 23

4. Work with the anode tester.

The state of the Magnesium anode protec-
tor may be checked by pressing button 4.
• In the cases of pressed Button 4, when
light indicator 5 is lit in RED color this
is a signal that the Magnesium anode
protector is WORN OUT and has to be
• In the cases of pressed Button 4, when
light indicator 5 is illuminated in GREEN,
this is a signal that the Magnesium ano-
de protector is PROPERLY functioning
and is protecting your appliance from
IMPORTANT: The changing of the an-
ode protector is performed only by a
qualified technician.
ATTENTION!!! The anode tester indi-
cates the state of the anode protec-
tor solely and only when the boiler
is filled with water. If the boiler is
empty, the tester will indicate faulty
protector (the LED indication above
button 4 'TEST' will be blinking in

5. Alarms:

The integrated electronic module for con-
trolling the appliance differentiates two
types of failures, which are being displayed
through symbols: Е1 or Е2 the meaning of
which is as follows:
- Е1 – interrupted connection to a tempe-
rature sensor.
- Е2 – temperature sensor, connected in
short circuit.
In the cases when on the display (3) a me-
ssage appears about failure of the type: Е1
or Е2, it is necessary to immediately switch
off the boiler and to contact the closest au-
thorized service, indicated in the guarantee
card of the product.


Table of Contents

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