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Rust Protection Magnesium Anode; Operation; Switch On; Water Heaters With Electromechanical Control - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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use of your water heater, the manufacturer
recommends periodic inspections of the
magnesium anode's condition by a quali-
fied technician and replacement whenever
required, and this could be performed dur-
ing the appliance's technical preventive
For replacements, please contact the au-
thorized service stations!
VI. Operation

1. Switch on:

Before switching on the appliance for first
time, make sure that the boiler is properly
connected to the power supply network
and full with water.
The boiler is switched on by a switch in-
tegrated into the installation, described in
item 3.2 of Section IV, or upon connecting
the plug to the electrical contact (in the
case of an extension cable with plug).
2. Water heaters with
electromechanical control
Fig. 2 where:
1 - Moisture-proof button for heater switch-
ing (for models with a switch)
2 - Light indicator
3 - Regulator handle (only for models with
adjustable thermostat)
4 - Button indicating the status of the mag-
nesium anode protector (only for models
with a tester)
5 - Light indicator showing the status (op-
eration) of the anode protector (only for
models with a tester).
- When there is in-built in switch in the wa-
ter heater, you must switch it on.
Electrical switch with one knob:
0 - switched off;
I - switched on;
The knob lit when the switch is on.
The control lamp on the panel indicates the
state (the mode) in which the appliance is
placed: it is lit when the water is being heat-
ed and is switched off when the specified
by the thermostat water temperature level
is reached.
Εlectric water heater Tronic 5000 T/Tronic 7000 T | 19
Electrical switch with two knobs:
0 - switched off;
I; II - switched on;
Choosing of different power levels of
on the
1600 W
2000 W
2400 W
The buttons of the switch lit on, if they are
switched on and during heating. They stops
to lit when the preset temperature of the
water is reached and the thermostat switch-
off the voltage supply.
The control lamp lit on when there is supply
voltage from electrical main. It does not lit
on when there is not supply voltage or the
thermal cut-out (temperature protection) is
(Fig. 2)
switched off (see 3 below).
* Temperature setup (for models with ad-
justable thermostat):
This setup allows the gradual setting of the
desired temperature, achieved by using a
handle on the control panel.
* Operation mode selection for models dis-
played on Fig. 4:
Four positions indicate different operation
modes of the device:
- ANTI-FREEZE MODE. With this setup the
device maintains temperature that does not
allow the water freeze in it.
- SUMMER MODE. This setup is suitable for
the summer season. And is characterized
with lower maximum temperatures for heat-
ing the waters secures an economic work-
ing regime for the appliance
- WINTER MODE. This setup is suitable for
the winter season and is characterized with
high maximum temperatures for heating the
water in the appliance. This mode secures
maximum quantity of water with comfort-
ched on
ched on
ched on
knob I
knob (I)
knob (II)
and II
800 W
800 W
1600 W
800 W
1200 W 2000 W
1200 W 1200 W 2400 W


Table of Contents

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