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Periodic Maintenance - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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ter heater to the water and electric mains.
- Upon connecting the water heater to the
electric mains care must be taken to con-
nect the safety lead.
- If the probability exists for the premise's
temperature to fall below 0°C, the water
heater must be drained (observe the pro-
cedure outlined in section IV, subsection 2
''Water heater's piping connection" )
- During use (water heating mode), the drip-
ping of water from the safety return-valve's
drainage opening is normal. The same must
be left open to the atmosphere.
- In order to secure the water heater's safe
operation, the safety return-valve must un-
dergo regular cleaning and inspections for
normal functioning /the valve must not be
obstructed/, and for the regions with highly
calcareous water it must be cleaned from
the accumulated lime scale. This service is
not provided under warranty maintenance.
All alterations and modifications to the wa-
ter heater's construction and electrical cir-
cuitry are forbidden. If such alterations or
modifications are established during inspec-
tion, the appliance's warranty shall be null
and void. Alterations and modifications shall
mean each instances of removal of elements
incorporated by the manufacturer, building
in of additional components into the water
heater, replacement of elements by similar
elements unapproved by the manufacturer.
- These instructions shall also apply to water
heaters equipped with a heat exchanger.
- If the power supply cord (of models that
have one) is damaged, it must be replaced
by a service representative or a person with
similar qualification, to avoid any risk.
- This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruc-
tion concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
- Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
Εlectric water heater Tronic 5000 T/Tronic 7000 T | 21
IX. Periodic maintenance
Under normal use of the heater, under the
influence of high temperature, lime scale /
the so-called lime scale layer/ is deposited
upon the heating element's surface. This
worsens the heat exchange between the
heating element and water. The heating
element's surface temperature increases
along /of boiling water/. The thermoregu-
lator begins to switch on and off more
frequently. A ''deceptive" activation of
the thermal protection is possible. Due
to these facts, the manufacturer recom-
mends preventive maintenance of your wa-
ter heater every two years by an authorized
service center or service base. This protec-
tive maintenance must include cleaning
and inspection of the anode protector (for
water heaters with glass-ceramic coating),
which shall be replace with a new one if
need arises. Each preventive maintenance
of the said type must be entered in the ap-
pliance's warranty card and must outline
date of performing the preventive mainte-
nance, company performing the preventive
maintenance, name of person performing
the preventive maintenance, and signature.
Non-fulfilment of the above requirement
may terminate the free of charge mainte-
nance of your boiler.
Instructions for protecting the
Old electric appliances contain
precious materials and thus sho-
uld not be thrown together with
the household litter. We kindly
ask you make your active con-
tribution for protecting the re-
sources and the environment by
handing over the appliance in the
authorized buy-back stations (if
such exist).


Table of Contents

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