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Periodic Maintenance; Replacement Of The Fuse (Electronic Control Unit); Start-Up After Completion Of Maintenance; Safe Operation/ Risk For Prolonged Use - Bosch Optiflow Professional GWH12 Installation Manual

Room sealed gas continuous flow water heaters 1 ctd e23/31 f5 l
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20 | Maintenance (only by authorised service technician)

Periodic maintenance

Functional check
▶ Check the correct operation of all the safety, regulation and
verification elements.
Heat exchanger
▶ If the heat exchanger is showing signed of sooting:
– Remove the heat exchanger.
– Clean by applying a jet of water in the lengthwise
direction of the fins.
NOTICE: Damage to the appliance.
Damage to the heat exchanger.
▶ Do not apply a jet that is too strong or
aimed in a direction other than that
▶ If the soot is not removed use a stiff brush to carefully clean
the fins.
▶ Regions with average/high water hardness: descale the
inside of the heat exchanger and the connection pipes by
using a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid or white
▶ When reinstalling the heat exchanger replace the o-rings
and seals.
▶ Inspect the burner and clean it if necessary.
If cleaning is required:
▶ Dismantle the burner.
▶ Use a brush to clean the surface of the burner elements.
▶ Use a jet of air to blow the burner elements.
Water filter
▶ Close the cold water inlet isolation valve.
▶ Loosen the cold water pipe.
▶ Carefully remove the water filter.
▶ Replace with a new water filter.
6 720 810 560 (2016/06)
Replacement of the fuse (electronic control
▶ Loosen the fixing screw of the electronic control unit
▶ Release all the connections to the electronic control unit
▶ Open the electronic control unit
▶ Replace the fuse located in the corner of the circuit board.

Start-up after completion of maintenance

▶ Re-tighten all of the connections.
▶ Check the burner pressure.
▶ Check air tightness of the flue circuit with the front cover
▶ Check that there are no gas or water leaks.

Safe operation/ risk for prolonged use

Prolonged use power wear some elements may cause gas leaks
and transhipment of products of combustion.
Preventively should:
▶ Make a visual inspection of the maintenance intervals to the
following elements:
– Electrical contact of security sensor
– Fan
– Gas valve
– Combustion chamber
In case of corrosion visible:
▶ Call the intervention of a qualified contractor.
Optiflow Professional

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