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Intended Use; Technical Parameters; Description And Principle Of Work; Mounting And Switching On - Bosch Tronic 5000 T Installation Instructions Manual

Electric water heaters
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Table of Contents
16 | Εlectric water heater Tronic 5000 T/Tronic 7000 T
I. Intended use
The appliance is intended to supply hot
water to household sites equipped with a
piping system working at pressure below 7
atm. (0,7 Mpa).
The appliance is intended for work in
closed, heated premises and is not in-
tended to work in a constant flow through
II. Technical parameters
1. Nominal volume V, liters - see the appli-
ance's rating plate
2. Nominal voltage - see the appliance's rat-
ing plate
3. Nominal power consumption - see the
appliance's rating plate
4. Nominal pressure - see the appliance's
rating plate
5. Water heater type - closed type accumu-
lating water heater, with thermal insula-
6. Inner coating - for models: GC-glass-ce-
ramics; SS-stainless steel; EV - email
7. Water temperature after turning off of
the thermostat: from 60°С to 75°С.
Important: For models with a regulated thermostat,
the specified temperature range refers to the cases
when the thermostat is set at maximum water heat-
ing temperature (see below).
III. Description and principle of
The appliance consists of a body, flange at
the bottom side /for water heaters intend-
ed for vertical mounting/ or at the sides /
for water heaters intended for horizontal
mounting/, protective plastic panel safety-
return valve.
1.1 The body consists of a steel reservoir
(water tank) and housing (outer shell) with
thermal insulation placed in-between made
of ecologically clean high density poly-
urethane foam, and two pipes with thread
G ½ '' for cold water supply (marked by
a blue ring) and hot water outlet pipe
(marked by a red ring).
The inner tank may be of two types de-
pending on the model:
Made of steel protected form corrosion by
a special glass-ceramics coating
Made of stainless steel
The vertical water heaters may be outfitted
with a built in heat exchange unit (boiler
tube). The boiler tube's entrance and exit
are located at the sides and represent
pipes with thread G ¾ ''.
1.2 The flange is outfitted with: electric
heater and thermostat. The water heaters
with glass-ceramics coating are outfitted
with a magnesium protector.
The electric heater is used for heating the
water in the tank and is managed by the
thermostat, which automatically maintains
the set temperature.
The thermostat has a built in overheating
safety device, which switches of power to
the heater when the water temperature
reaches excessive values. In the event this
device is tripped, please consult a service
1.3 The safety-return valve prevents the ap-
pliance's complete emptying in the event
the cold water supply is interrupted. The
valve protects the appliance from pressure
increases higher than the allowed value
during heating (! pressure increases upon
an increase of temperature), via release
of excess pressure during the drainage
ATTENTION! The safety-return valve
cannot protect the appliance in the
event of water mains pressure in
excess of the acceptable pressure
stated for the appliance.
IV. Mounting and switching on
ATTENTION! Qualified technicians
must perform all technical and elec-
trical assembly works.


Table of Contents

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