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Maintenance; (Only By Authorised Technicians); Periodic Maintenance Works; Replacement Of The Fuse (Electronic Control Unit) - Bosch OptiFlow Professional GWH12 1 CTD E23 F3 OL Installation Manual

Gas continuous flow water heaters
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Maintenance (only by authorised
Bosch recommend that to maintain optimum performance
from this appliance, servicing should be carried out by suitably
licensed persons at intervals not greater than two (2) years.
Maintenance must only be performed by an
authorised service technician.
DANGER: Due to electric shock!
▶ Always isolate the electrical power to
the appliance (by turning off the power
point and removing the power plug from
the electrical socket) before carrying
out any work on electrical parts.
▶ Your appliance should only be attended to by a Bosch
service technician. To locate your nearest service provider,
call: AU 1300 30 70 37, NZ 0800 54 33 52
▶ Only use Bosch supplied replacement parts.

Periodic maintenance works

Functional check
▶ Check the proper operation of all the safety, regulation and
verification elements.
Heat exchanger
▶ If heat exchanger is showing signs of sooting:
– Remove the heat exchanger.
– Clean by applying a jet of water in the lengthwise
direction of the fins.
NOTICE: Damage to the appliance.
Damage to the heat exchanger.
▶ Do not apply a jet that is too strong or
aimed in a direction other than that
▶ If the soot is not removed, use a stiff brush to carefully clean
the fins.
▶ Regions with average/high water hardness: descale the
inside of the heat exchanger and the connection pipes by
using a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid or white
▶ When reinstalling the heat exchanger replace the o-rings
and seals.
OptiFlow Professional
Maintenance (only by authorised technicians) | 17
▶ Inspect the burner and clean it if necessary.
If cleaning is required:
▶ Dismantle the burner.
▶ Use a brush to clean the surface of the burner elements.
▶ Use a jet of air to blow the burner elements clean.
Water filter
▶ Close the cold water inlet isolation valve.
▶ Unscrew the water filter on the cold water pipe.
▶ Carefully remove the water filter.
▶ Replace the water filter.
Replacement of the fuse (electronic control
▶ Loosen the fixing screw of the electronic control unit.
▶ Release all the connections to the control box.
▶ Open the electronic control unit.
▶ Replace the fuse.

Start-up after completion of maintenance

▶ Re-tighten all of the connections.
▶ Check the burner pressure.
▶ Check tightness of the flue circuit with the front cover
▶ Check that there are no gas or water leaks.
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