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Registering The Module; Registering Through The Alarmnet Direct Website - Honeywell GSMX Installation And Setup Manual

Gsm communicator
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GSMX Installation and Setup Guide

Registering the Module

Once you have programmed the GSMX, it must be registered to enable the
AlarmNet account. Registering the communications module activates the
account with AlarmNet and enables the security system's control panel to
send reports. You can register by using one of the following methods:
AlarmNet Direct website
Test Message/Registration switch
The top display LED will indicate the module's registration status as follows:
(Refer to the Summary of Connections topic.)
ON – Module is NOT registered with AlarmNet.
OFF – Module is registered with AlarmNet.
You can monitor the registration process by viewing the display LEDs. The
TX/RX (yellow) LED and the REG (green) LED will blink slowly in unison
while registration is in progress.
When the registration successfully completes, the GSMX enters a normal
operating mode; the REG (green) LED goes out and the TX/RX (yellow) LED
is lit to indicate that the power-on / reset message is waiting to be sent. This
message will appear at the receiving station as "E339 803". The description
may read "Trouble – Exp. Mod. Reset". If registration is not validated within
90 seconds, the GSMX times out, and the REG (green) LED will be lit solid.

Registering through the AlarmNet Direct Website

To register the module via the website, go to:
Log in and follow the on-screen prompts. If you are not signed up for this
service, click on "Dealer Signup" from the login screen to create an account.
You will be instructed how to proceed upon completing the sign-up form.
Only one sign-up per dealer is required. Once an initial user is established,
additional logins may be created by that user.
NOTE: Central Stations can sign up by contacting AlarmNet Support at
800-222-6525 and selecting option 1.
Please have the following information available:
Primary City ID (two-digit number).
Primary Central Station ID (two-digit hexadecimal number).
Primary Subscriber ID (four-digit number).
MAC ID and MAC CRC number (located on outside of box and on
label inside module).
7720P Programming Tool
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