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Programming For 4204 And Two-4204 Emulation Modes; 4204 Emulation Mode Options - Honeywell GSMX Installation And Setup Manual

Gsm communicator
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GSMX Installation and Setup Guide
NOTE: The central station can remotely block access
to local device programming. If this has been done,
prompt on the right appears.
The default programming values for each prompt are shown in parentheses
in the PROMPTS column. Further, the table below shows all the prompts for
this programming mode. Depending on your answers, unnecessary prompts
will be bypassed and you will advance to the next appropriate prompt.

Programming for 4204 and Two-4204 Emulation Modes

In this mode the communications module emulates a 4204 module (or two)
and appears to the control panel as a 4204 module. If two 4204s are enabled
in the communications module, it acts as two 4204s using consecutive device
The compatible Honeywell VISTA series or First Alert control panel sends
data (triggers) to the communications module as if it were a 4204 module.
(The control panel must be configured to recognize one or two 4204 relay
modules accordingly.) On VISTA-32FB (or higher) control panels and First
Alert equivalents, addresses 6 and 13 should not be used when the secondary
4204 is enabled. Messages are sent in ADEMCO High-Speed format.
NOTE: See your control panel Installation and Setup Guide for the number
of 4204 modules supported.

4204 Emulation Mode Options

For control panels that do not support LRR-ECP communication, the 4204
Emulation modes provide a means of sending up to eight unique reports
based on defined system conditions. In 4204 mode, the communications
module functions as a logical 4204 Relay Module, where each relay number,
referred to in the module as zone number, can be programmed to send a
report based on the output function programmed in the control for that relay.
Each relay-zone can also be programmed to send a restore message of the
reported condition, can be set to delay transmission of messages, and can be
programmed to send reports only when a conditional zone is triggered
In single 4204 mode, the module supports up to four relay-zones. In Two-
4204 mode, the module functions as two 4204 modules, supporting up to eight
relay-zones. Refer to the following table.
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