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Ecp Status Codes - Honeywell GSMX Installation And Setup Manual

Gsm communicator
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GSMX Installation and Setup Guide

ECP Status Codes

The GSMX sends status messages to the control panel to report various
failures. Some control panels, (e.g., VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P
Series) display these status codes on the keypad as "LngRng Radio" followed
by a 4-digit code. Commercial panels can supervise the communicator
module by way of its ECP address, ex: 03. For example, if the module is
disconnected, if it's not registered, or the SIM is deactivated, a "Check 803"
will be displayed.
The control panel will display a fault message if any of the events listed
below occur.
Module lost communications with the control panel.
Module lost contact with AlarmNet.
Module is not registered; account not activated.
Module shutdown.
In addition, the Contact ID codes for some of these conditions are reported by
the control panel and sent by AlarmNet to the central station.
[Y] =
Reviewing Programming
Mode Entries
[N] = exit
To review the programming
options (to ensure that the correct
entries have been made), press
[Y]. The programming prompts
are displayed again. Use the
up/down arrow keys to scroll
through the program fields
without changing any of the
values. If a value requires
change, simply type in the correct
value. When the last field is
displayed, the "REVIEW?"
prompt again appears.
To exit the programming
mode, press [N] in response to
the "REVIEW?" prompt, and refer
to Exiting Programming Mode
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