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Remote Services; Registering Using The Test Message/Registration Switch; Registering Using The Programming Tool - Honeywell GSMX Installation And Setup Manual

Gsm communicator
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GSMX Installation and Setup Guide
After the communications module is registered, you may log out of the
AlarmNet Direct website.

Remote Services

The dealer/installer will set up the customer account and define the events to
be notified of. These events match the output relay triggering events that
were programmed in the control panel.
NOTE: At the AlarmNet Direct website, refer to the online "AlarmNet
Direct User Guide" for information on configuring the hardware and
creating a Total Connect web account for the customer.
Once the dealer assigns a login name and password, the customer will receive
a "Welcome" e-mail message with their login name along with some helpful
information. The customer will receive another e-mail message with their
password. They will then be able to receive notifications, and access their
system via the Total Connect website or using their cell phone/PDA that
supports GSM/GPRS and Text Messaging (SMS).

Registering Using the Test Message/Registration Switch

Initiate the registration sequence by clicking the TEST
MESSAGE/REGISTRATION switch three times.

Registering Using the Programming Tool

The interactive registration feature allows the installer to register the GSMX
through a series of keyboard commands on the 7720P Programming Tool.
This method of registration lets the installer monitor the registration process.
Once the installation is complete, press the [Shift] plus the
up arrow [↑] on the 7720P. The registration message is
sent and the unit waits for the acknowledgment.
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