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Supervision And Fault Detection; Specifications; Data Encryption; Remote Services Features - Honeywell GSMX Installation And Setup Manual

Gsm communicator
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GSMX Installation and Setup Guide

Supervision and Fault Detection

Network communication failure – In the event the AlarmNet
network does not hear a supervisory message from the module
within a specified time ("Supervision" option, 24 hours, 30 days, or
none), AlarmNet notifies the central station of a communication
Communication path failure – In the event the module detects a
communication path failure, the control panel can be notified of a
trouble condition with the module after a specified time has elapsed.


Input Voltage
Standby Current
Transmit Current
Transceiver Type

Data Encryption

This module supports private key encryption. Private Key encryption means
that both the sender and the receiver know the KEY used to encrypt the data.
Each device produced by Honeywell is loaded with a unique identifier called a
MAC number, and a large random number or KEY. This KEY and MAC
number are also stored in the AlarmNet servers.
When a device contacts AlarmNet, it sends the MAC number followed by the
message that is encrypted using the KEY data. The server looks up the MAC
number and uses the KEY associated with it to decrypt the message.
The KEY uses 256-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption (which is required for
certain government installations). Further, the AlarmNet AES Encryption
Software Module Version 1.0 contained in the Honeywell products have NIST
approval. Listings for this approval can be found at Certification number 127.

Remote Services Features

Remote Access and Multi-Mode have not been evaluated by
Honeywell offers secure web based services that enable users to remotely
monitor and control their security system. These web services enable users
4 x 7 x 1.75 inches
12VDC (powered via the ECP bus.)
200mA (Average)
GSM/GPRS with internal antenna
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