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Mounting The Module On The Control Panel - Honeywell GSMX Installation And Setup Manual

Gsm communicator
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GSMX Installation and Setup Guide
Verify the SIGNAL LED (green) lights steady. This indicates
satisfactory signal strength.
SIGNAL LED (green)
ON - Satisfactory Signal
BLINKING - Marginal Signal
OFF - Unsatisfactory Signal
Verify the SIGNAL LED (green) remains steady for a few minutes,
then mark that mounting position. Turn power off.

Mounting the Module on the Control Panel

Ensure power to the control panel (both AC and battery) is off, then
remove the knockout on the top right of the control panel cabinet.
Open the GSMX cover. Remove the Hole Cap attached to the plastic
(trim as necessary), and snap it into the top opening of the enclosure.
Remove the bottom knockout on the GSMX enclosure for the
threaded mount. Then install the threaded mount so it snaps into
the plastic retaining tabs. Mount the GSMX assembly on the
cabinet's knockout, and fasten with the locking nut.
Connect the ECP cable to the GSMX circuit board and thread the
wires through the threaded mounting adapter.
– 5 –
Hole Cap

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