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Memory Backup Function - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Memory backup function
This machine is capable of memory backup by cells. (Cells
are sold separately, though.) When the memory backup func-
tion is effected, form position will not be affected by turning
on/off of power.
Thus, handling of fan-fold paper can
be simplified.
This function can be stopped by operating
pertinent function switch inside the machine.
• How to set form position
STEP 1. Confirm that power source for the printer is turned
OFF when the ROM unit is connected.
STEP 2. Insert 2 dry cells (SUM-3) into the cell case provid-
ed inside the main body. For details of the cells,
read the cautions given below.
STEP 3. Turn the function switch (SWI-6) ON, then supply
power to the printer.
STEP 4. Press the form feed switch. After form feed, pull
the manual feed knob to determine the form
position of paper. (See page 8)
Fig. 24
2 cells
Set SW1-6 at "ON"
pOSitIOn. -
Fig. 25
• When PE condition emerges, set the paper in accordance with the above-mentioned procedure again.
• When the memory backup function is to be utilized, do not turn the manual feed knob. Otherwise,
form position may be deviated.
• Wrong use of dry cells will cause leakage or breakdown.
Keep the following in mind when using them.
\. Set the cells with their plus
and minus (-) sides correctly positioned as indicated on this
2. Do not mix new and old dry cells for use.
3. Do not use different kinds of dry cells. They may differ in voltage, even if their shapes are the
4. Remove dry cells from this machine, if they are not to be used over a long period of time.
5. There are charging-type and non-charging-type cells.
Read the cautions written on them, before using these cells.
• Do not turn off power when the following operation is carried out during memory backup.
Otherwise, form position may be deviated .
• Line feed
• Form feed operation
• If ROM units are exchanged during memory backup, readjust form position of paper.
• Replace old cells with new ones every year, although the life of ce\1 differs depending on internal
discharge and frequency of use. (Trouble may occur to some cells, due to corrosion, etc.)



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