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Setting Paper - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Setting paper
F an fold paper or paper sheets whose width is 5 to 15 in. can be used for this machine.
• Specification for paper
Paper width
5 in. - 15 in.
5 in. - 15 in.
Number of copies
2 copies
I part only
(Copying not allowed)
Total thickness
0.23mm max.
I part
45kg - 60kg
45kg - 60kg
(Note )
35kg - 45kg
35kg - 45kg
• Weight (thickness) of paper in kg indicates the weight of 1000 sheets of AD-type paper.
• Do not print characters outside the paper, or the head may be damaged.
• Setting the assistant guide
In order to make the now of printing paper smooth, install
the attached assistant guide.
I nsert the tip of the assistant guide into the holes on the
right and left sides of the back paper feeding mechanism
• On this occasion, connect the lead wire from the assis-
tant guide to the FG terminal of the main body. Thus,
wrong operation of the equipment caused by static
electricity generated during paper feed can be avoided.
Install it correctly as shown in Fig. 12.
• Setting paper
Fan fold paper
STEP 1. Pull the front cover to your side, and turn the
paper release lever to your side.
STEP 2. Pass the paper from the back of the assistant
guide as shown in Fig. 14. Insert the end of the
paper beneath the platen, pull the manual feed
knob, and turn the knob until the end of the
paper comes out of the printer by about 10 cm.
STEP 3. Turn the paper release lever backwards, and
insert the sprocket pin in the feeding hole of the
printing paper. Confirm that the printing paper
is set to the sprocket pin in parallel. At this
time, release the sprocket lock lever by pulling
it to your side to adjust the tension and position
of the printing paper. After that, set the
sprocket lock lever back to the original position.
STEP 4. Put the printer cover back, and finish setting the
printing paper.
Assistant guide
Fig. 12