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Mounting/Dismounting Rom Unit - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Mounting/Dismounting ROM unit
When installing the ROM unit in this machine or replacing it, follow the procedure described below.
Since the ROM unit is susceptible to electric shock, such as static electricity, adequate precautions
must be taken in handling Or storing it.
• Installation of ROM unit
STEP l. Turn off power for this machine, and remove the
ROM unit holder cover.
STEP 2. ,While keeping the model indication label oJ the
ROM unit facing upwards, set the ROM unit to the
connector in the holder part. Then insert the unit
by applying uniform force to both sides of this
STEP 3. Confirm that the ROM unit is inserted correctly,
and put the ROM unit holder cover back in its
original position.
• Removal of ROM unit
STEP l. Be sure to turn off power for the main body.
STEP 2. Pull the ROM unit from the ROM unit holder by
holding the arm.
STEP 3. The removed ROM unit must be stored in an
electrically conductive bag so as to protect it from
breakdown caused by static electricity, etc. Since
optional ROM units are packaged in conductive
bags, use these bags for storage.
Fig. 19
• When a ROM unit is replaced or newly installed, renew the setting of the function switches.
(See page I 1)
• When memory backup function is actuated, set the position of the top printing line again.
(See page 14)
• Incorrect connection of the ROM unit will hamper normal operation and may cause trouble.
Utmost care must be taken since, in the worst case, the ROM unit may be broken.



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