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Setting Cartridge Ribbon - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Setting cartridge ribbon
For this machine, endress ink ribbon is used to simplify installation and removal. For handling the
cartridge ribbon, follow the procedure described below.
How to install the cartridge ribbon
STEP 1. Open the front cover to your side.
STEP 2. Turn on power while pressing the top feed switch
to shift the carriage to the prescribed position.
When power is turned off, the carriage can' be shift-
ed manually.
On this occasion, however, do not touch the
printing head.
Install the cartridge ribbon in the carriage - the
rear side first.
STEP 4. Insert the cartridge ribbon and mask in the gap
between the platen and the printing head. Make
sure that the cartridge is set horizontally on the
STEP 5. Turn the knob of the cartridge ribbon in the direc-
tion shown by the arrow, in order to tighten the
ribbon, Finally, check the ink ribbon for twisting
and crease.
• Incorrect positioning of the cartridge ribbon may cause
wrong printing or destruction of the head,
• Replace the old cartridge ribbon with high-quality Sharp
cartridge ribbon, Do not use ribbon which does not con-
form to the requirement or which is poor in quality,
Otherwise, trouble may be caused,
(Front side)
(Rear side)
Ink ribbon and mask
(Front side)
Head mechanism
Fig, 10
Turn in the
of arrow,
Fig. 11