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Cautions For Operation - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Cautions for operation
• Installation
• Do not install this machine in the following places.
Humid place, excessively dry place
Place exposed directly to sunlight
Dusty place
Extremely hot/cold place
Place with a lot of vibration
• Install this machine as horizontally as possible.
• Do not install this machine near equipment generating noise. Further, different power source
fnust be used for such equipment, since wrong operation may be caused if the same power source
is employed.
• Voltage of power source used for this machine must conform to the specification on the rating
plate on the back of the machine. Do not connect other power source, or else trouble may be
• Connect/disconnect the ROM unit when power is turned off.
• Cautions during operation
• Do not touch the printing head during operation.
• If water or other liquid or metallic articles such as needles and pins should enter this machine,
turn off power immediately, unplug the power cord, and contact the dealer. If the machine is
opeHlted under such a condition, accident may be caused.
• Do not print characters when printing paper or cartridge ribbon is not inserted. Otherwise, the
printing head may be damaged.
• Proper paper feeding function must be selected for specific paper used for printing .
. Fan fold paper
Tractor system
• Paper sheets
Friction system
The simultaneous use of the two systems will cause clogging of paper. When fan fold paper is
used, pull the paper release lever backwards to carry out tractor feed. (See page 7)
• Power cord
• Do not damage the power cord by placing it under a desk or chair, or by compressing it between
two articles.
• It
is dangerous to use damaged power cord. Furthermore, be sure to hold the plug when unplug-
ging the power cord.
• Impact
This machine consists of high-precision electronic components. Do not cause impact to this
machine, by hitting it with other articles or by dropping it.
• When this machine is not to be operated for a long time
When this machine is not to be operated for a long time, be sure to unplug the power cord from the
• Stain
Wipe off stain on this machine with soft cloth impregnated with water or detergent. The use of
benzine, thinner, or other volatile substance, or insecticide will cause discoloration of the case.