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Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual page 21

Dot printer
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(OAH) .
• Prints data in the buffer by CR code input.
• If
there is not data before CR code is received, only line feed is
carried out.
• Control code to create enlarged characters.
• Enlarges each character as 80 characters/line (in the l60-character
mode) or as 68 characters/line (in the I 36-character model.
• Enlarged characters cannot be changed into ordinary characters when
lines are changed. (The function cannot be cancelled.)
• Command to cancel enlarged characters.
• Executes form feed.
• Also functions as printing instruction.
• If data already exist in the buffer, feed operation is automatically
carried out upon completion of printing.
• Compression mode (1/9 inch feed)
• Cannot be cancelled by changing lines.
• When this code is executed, automatic line feed is carried out to
can cell the compression mode.
• Specifies the number of lines on one page.
• ASCII (two bytes) following (09H)+(09H) expresses hexadecimal
HEX. . . .. 16H
transfers (ASCII)II ..... 31
(ASCII)L ..... 36
• If error
found in continuous data, the control will be ignored.
• Any number of lines can be specified par page up to 72 lines.
• By transferring (09H) continuously three times, the 160-character
mode can be selected.
• The mode when power is turned on can also be set the function
switch SW1-S.
• After the mode change, line feed is carried out automatically.
• If data exist in the buffer, the carriage returns to the home position
after printing, line feed is carried out, and modes are changed.