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Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual page 19

Dot printer
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• Device control 3 (DC3)
• This is a printer deselect instruction code.
• This code is ignored when the printer is in DESELECT mode.
1 - - - - - - - - - + - - - - - - - - - - -------
(IB)+(] 9H)+(HEX)
• Instruction to cancel enlarged characters.
• This code can be set in any place in the data code string.
• This code is ignored when the 136 character/line mode is selected.
• Cancel code
• This cancel code clears printing data before this code is received as
well as SO/SI.
• This code is not applicable to image printing.
• Shift out (SO)
• This code is enlarged character instruction, and can be inserted in
any place during data receiving.
• Data after receipt of SO is effective until SI code is received. They
will not be cancelled by changing lines.
• Even if SO code is received after the previous SO code is received and
before SI code is received, the SO will be ignored.
• Shift in (SI)
• When this code is received, the printer prints the data stored in the
buffer, makes the carriage to return, and changes into the 160
characters/line mode.
• This code will be ignored when the 160 characters/line mode is
already selected.
• Escape code
• HEX code following this code controls various printers.
• Compression mode
• After this code is received, 1/9 inch line feed will be made.
• This code will not be cancelled until
B)+(02) is received.
• This code can be received any time during data receiving.
• This code will be ignored when 1/9 inch feed is already selected_
• Cancels compression mode.
• When this code is received, automatic line feed is started. Line feed
will take place every 1/6 inch.
• The <HEX) value following (lBH)+( 19H) designates the maximum
number of printing characters.
• When the I 36-character mode is specified, 0
HEX -;;; 136
• When the l60-character mode is specified, 0
HEX -;;; 160
• Not applicable to image printing.
• When this code is received, line reed will be carried out twice. For
example, if 1/6 inch feed is specified before tbis code is received,
1/3 inch line feed will be started_